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Sasukes POV

We are close to the Leaf Village. It's been 3 years. 3 years too long. I was ready to see everyone but I was excited to see her. She is the reason for my return, the reason i kept fighting, the reason for my clan to revived, the reason my heart beated harder when she's near, the reason I had my hands in my pockets when we were younger cause I would get so nervous my palms would begin to sweat.

As the dobe continued to talk his mouth off I was daydreaming of how I would be greeted by my true love Sakura Haruno.


I have just walked into the village not even passed the gates and everyone began to greet me. and earn an earful out of Tenten for leaving Sakura in tears. Than through the crowd I would see her. My cherry blossom standing there surprised and happy. Everyone would be congratulating the dobe for my return.

I would walk up to her with a small smile and open my arms. She would run into my arms. "Sasuke-kun" she would say crying tears of joy and hugging me back. I would grab her chin and lift it and kiss her with such passion not even Kami and Cupid together would be able to break it. I would ask her to revive my clan with me she would jump in my arms and say "Yes!!"

Than we would live with our daughter. Yea i kinda want a daughter. And live happily ever after.



"Dobe what is it?" I sighed looking at him irritably.

"I was just saying that you me Kakashi-sensei and Sakura-" my heart pounded when I ever hear that name or the words Cherry Blossom. "should go to go to Ichiraku tomorrow for lunch after training like how we used to." I smirked and looked up at the warm spring sky. "Yea Naruto lets do it" my smirk widening into a smile.

Oh yea and Taka's with us. To be honest I forgot about them. Naruto and I smiled at each other and fist bumped. Continuing down the path to Kohona, I look back and so did Naruto to see Taka just standing in the same spot with open mouths like I just proposed to Karin...Ha...Ha...hahahahahahaha like I would ever do such a horrid thing. Naruto and I looked at each other and shrugged. I turned to them, cupped my hands around my mouth and yelled. "Yo if your gonna stand there than we're gonna leave you guys behind."

And yea let me explain. After killing Itachi and all that craziness I found some sort of inner peace. Than Naruto came and than he rubbed off on me a bit and is getting me to open up little by little. Believe me when I say that I am still a little bit stoic but I smile every now and than and joke around with the guy.

Anyways I turned back around and Naruto and I were beginning to talk about how him and Hinata were. Than he mentioned that Sakura was still single. "No I do not lie she has guys falling at her feet left and right. Some asking if she will go on one date, some asking to marry her on the spot. but she just turns them all down and her excuse is always the same".

"Whats her excuse" I ask smirking. He looks at me and says "'Sorry I don't have time for little boys' in the coldest face and tone you have ever seen and heard like it would kick your stoic ass out in a second. And there was this one time when this guy wouldn't leave her alone. Dude seriously he STALKED her and the douche bag had a wife and a pair of twins who were both 8 years old." I looked at him with a What the fuck look. 2 things confused me.

1. When did she become cold and stoic.


"Dude didn't know you could yell so loudly" Naruto said. "I said it out loud didn't I?" "Yep" "Shit. But on a serious note, I'm coming back to number 2. When did sakura become stoic?" I looked at him with a serious tone.

His smile instantly faded. "About 6 months after you left she was bullied and told that she was useless. The village elders blamed her for your leaving. They sent her to a quote on quote "Disciplinary Military Correctional Facility". We didn't see her for 1 1/2 years. When we saw her again she was in the hokages office, she was standing like a soldier. SPEAKING like a soldier. When we got her to train with us, we tried to talk to her but all she would say is 'Those who speak are those who deserve death. Those who are mute are those who survive in this cruel world.' It was some scary shit. After about 4 months we got her to finally start speaking. Little by little we got her to speak more and more. Now shes speaking fully again like normal. But at night she wont sleep she awakes with nightmares of the place they called 'Camp'. Seriously she looks fine but she is sleep deprived."

I was shocked no that an understatement. The same bastards who forced my brother to do some crazy bat-shit thing, made my cherry into a terrified ninja. 

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