Chapter 17 ~Grandma?

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Hello everyone! Okay so I just wanna say real quick this shows who Chrissy is, in fact the entire story gives hints so be sure to look for those hints and maybe put the pieces together? She's got an interesting family history and this is just a little bit of it! Enjoy!

Chrissy POV:

"Wanna watch a movie?" Paul asked as we walked inside his house, I nodded my head.

"Sure" I smiled he walked over to a small shelf and began looking for a movie.

"What do you wanna watch?" I shrugged and walked over looking over each and every movie he had. Let's see there's; The Incredibles, White Chicks, Shrek 2, Harry Potter!

"Shaun of The Dead!" I shouted he chuckled grabbing the disc and popped it into the player. I jumped on the couch and he walked and sat down next to me. I kicked off my shoes and stretched my legs. I haven't eaten today, I looked at him and smiled sweetly hugging him. He furrowed his eyebrows and wrapped his arms around me. "I'm hungry" I said pouting.

"Alright let's see what I have" we got up and searched for food in the end we just made popcorn and by we I mean him. We sat down watching Shaun of The Dead, I ate most of the popcorn while he got comfortable on the couch. I figured what the hell and lay down on his lap.

I left after that because if I didn't my grandmother would hunt me down and force me home. As I was driving home I couldn't help but think about the kiss we shared, I mean I'm supposed to like girls for a cover up but that doesn't mean I couldn't take advantage of things. Like having them practice kissing with me. But that's evil, which is perfect I've always wanted to be a super villian.

"Hey grandma?" I asked as she walked into the kitchen to get her a cup of coffee.

"Yes dear?"

"Do you ever, um, see things, like that aren't happening?" I asked her she smiled

"Of course I do sweety, why are you?" She asked


"Like what?" She asked

"Well the first time, I was working on a project with a friend." I stated

"Is this friend a boy" she raised an eyebrow

"Yes, it was weird I was looking at the textbook and when I looked up I saw a little girl, she looked like me and him mixed together, do you, do you think that means I'm gonna end up with him?" I asked she shrugged.

"Possibly" she answered

"But I've had another one, well two more,"

"Okay let me hear them"

"The second I was with another male friend, I had pulled a prank on him, itching powder so I brought him here so I could help him get rid of all of it, that left him shirtless on my bed. I felt something tugging on me and I saw another little girl, she asked if she could lay with me and him, she called him daddy and me mommy. The third one I was getting married to someone that I have a rivalry with."

"Well dear, it doesn't mean you'll end up with them I mean sure one of them you might but you may not, maybe you just saw their future, the first ones first child will most likely be a girl that looks like him and his future wife combined. The second one will most likely have a girl first. The last one that one has to be his future wedding because if you have a rivalry against him you are least likely to marry him. So if you have more don't worry about it, it usually happens to people like us around this time of age." She explained. I nodded.


"Don't sweat it girlie, everything always finds a way to work out how its supposed to be" she reassured "how's your uncle?"

"Wary" she frowned "of the guys I hang out with they're future shapeshifters" I mumbled her eyes widened.

"What are you doing with future shapeshifters?" She asked I shrugged I really didn't want to tell her but I guess I'll have too.

"Um, I am one grandma," she looked shocked


"I'm guessing from my dads bloodline, he's full Quileute so he probably has the gene and passed it to me"

"You know what this means?" She asked


"My baby's going down in history! The first shapeshifter-witch ever!" She exclaimed I winced my families already big in history especially for Spain where we come from.

"Grandma" I whined

"I have big news to tell the family!"

"No! Because then they'll throw a party and invite every mythical thing out there!"

"Except for those evil bastards that almost killed our bloodline!" She roared angrily.

"But they didn't, thanks to one of them. So can you not destroy my dads and Torey's coffee cups?" I pleaded she sighed and nodded putting it down before smiling and clapping her hands.

"I've got a lot of phone calls to make starting with your mother!" She ran upstairs. You know for an elderly retired witch she sure moves around a lot.

She's part witch! Alright who called it? Who do you think almost killed them? The volturi? The Cullen's? The Denali's? The shapeshifters from long ago? Who did it? Comment! Vote! And follow me! Oh and let me know if you like chapters like this showing her families history?

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