Chapter 1

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97 Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Lucy woke abruptly, a hand clamped over her mouth as she ran straight to the bathroom. With a groan the blonde emptied her stomach contents into her toilet. Once she finished she leaned against the cool feeling of her bath tub. She knew what was going on, the signs were obvious, morning sickness along with mood swings not to mention that her monthly friend was late visiting.

Lucy was pregnant.

Moving slowly she stood up to brush her teeth, trying to get rid of the disgusting feeling of utter dryness in her mouth. She thought back to her boyfriend. How would he react to her being pregnant? Would he be happy? Upset? Would he leave her? No. He wasn't the sort of person who would just pick up and run off from his responsibility. That was one of the things that had made the blonde fall in love with him in the first place.

He was dedicated to the things he started, he was responsible almost to a fault. Lucy let out a small giggle at the last thought. Indeed her lover had a somewhat stiff personality but he was also kind, caring....loving in his own way. Yes, Rogue Cheney was all these things and so much more.

Ever since the GMG she had felt attracted to the shadow dragon slayer, more so when she saw the loving way he cared for his adorable exceed, Frosch. When she first saw the two together her jaw almost went slack with shock, she had not expected the handsome unemotional man to care for something let alone a cosplaying green cat. After the games Rogue and his idiot partner Sting had begun visiting Fairy Tail a lot and eventually joined the guild. She remembered that day well, she said her welcome to the duo only to be pulled away from the crowd by the red eyed shadow dragon slayer and when she confessed he held feelings for her, her heart almost jumped out of her chest.

That was almost one year ago now, she couldn't believe how time had flown, and it seemed everything happened in the blink of an eye. And now she was pregnant with Rogue Cheney's child. Lucy laid on her bed, one hand resting on her stomach rubbing gentle circles across her belly. Maybe having a child at such a young age was not her plan but this was her baby and the thought that this little life inside of her was given to her by the man she loved made her heart swell with happiness.

Deciding that it was too early for her to go to the guild she grabbed a book that Levy lent her and flopped onto her sofa, wrapping a warm blanket around her. Soon she was lost in the world of her current novel and without knowing it a few hours had pasted.

Looking over at the clock the blonde gasped seeing that it was already past noon. She quickly took a shower, scrubbing her body in her favorite vanilla and almond body scrub and washing her hair in her favorite strawberry shampoo and conditioner. Once she was finished washing and drying she dressed in a black summer dress with a sweet heart neckline that came just above her knee. She tied the ribbon into a bow behind her then reached up to make sure the necklace Rogue got her was still there. It was a small dragon pendant with a star embedded on its wing attached to a long silver chain. She almost never took it off but it became a habit to touch the necklace constantly.

When she felt she was ready Lucy put her on her belt with her keys and whips and slipped into a pair of gray flip flops. Walking towards the guild she called out Plue and once the little spirit appeared she clutched him tightly to her chest. She was nearly at the guild when she heard shouts coming from a nearby alley way and took off in that direction to investigate. What she saw shocked her.

There was Rogue, his lips pressed roughly against Levy's. Lucy watched in dread as her best friend clung to her boyfriend, kissing him with passion and when Levy pushed him into the wall she ran as fast as she could back to her apartment.

Lucy threw open her door, her eyes shedding tears. She could not wrap her head nor her heart around what she just saw. Rogue was her boyfriend, her lover and now the father of their child and Levy was her best friend. Why did that kiss happen? Why would they do that to her? Had she done something wrong to them?

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