When Save Him (3)

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For everyone reading for Casey skip all the way down to his name...

You looked at your phone. (Y/t) said he would be late, but not completely M.I.A. (missing in action). You text him a few more times and when he didn't answer you called him.

Panic began to rise into your chest. Worry flooded through your veins and back again.

You tried every five minutes or so, but still nothing. Eventually, you called Master Splinter.


"Master Splinter? It's (y/n). Have you heard from (y/t) lately?"

"He's not with you?"

"No, he text me and said he got lost during one of their missions."

"Oh no. I'll track his phone and call you back," he hung up.

You felt your body shake. Where could he be?"


Splinter called back with worry in his voice.

"Leo's... In the Shredders lair."

"What?! Where is that?"

He told you the address, but told you not to go.

"It's too dangerous. I'll go."

"Master Splinter, in all respect, I'm not going to sit around and do nothing while my boyfriend's in danger."

"Very well." You could hear the disapproval in his voice.

You pulled on your jacket and shoes, typing the address in your phone's GPS.

You looked up at the building soaring above you. Determination replaced the fear in your body and you ran inside.


Splinter called back with confusion.

"He's... somewhere in the sewers. I called but he didn't pick up."

"How far away? Can you send me the information on his location?"

"He's about a mile away from the lair."

Splinter hung up and sent you the tracker's reading. It was about two blocks away from the school.

You threw your shoes on and ran to the nearest manhole by the school. You jumped down and started your journey.


Splinter called back.

"Donatello is in an abandoned warehouse."

"Where is it?"

"It's across from the old pizza place. On 34th Street."

"Okay thanks."

"Be careful (y/n)."

"I will Master Splinter."

You hung up and typed the address into Google Maps. You grabbed a jacket and ran out the house.

Only ten blocks to go.


You picked up your phone on the first ring.

"Mikey's location is at the old amusement park."

"Why would he be there?"

"I don't know, but the last time he was there..."

You thought about their mission at the amusement park.

"Okay thanks Master Splinter."

You hung up and ran out the house. While you were running, you looked up the address.


You were nervous and didn't know what to do. His parents didn't know where he was and Casey didn't answer.

You paced the floor as you called the turtles. All of their phones went to voicemail.

Finally you realized your last resource.


You groaned and called her.

"Well well nice to speak to you again Mrs. Jones."

"April, this is not the time! Casey's missing and I'm worried."

She paused a minute before responding,"You don't think he's with..."

"Who, April? Tell me!" You panicked.

"The Purple Dragons. Maybe they've caught him again."

You shakily put your shoes on as you listened to April go on and on about the new leader of the Pg's.

"April, I know who they are. I'm going to save Casey." You hung up.

Off to Purple Dragon HQ.

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