Chapter 45

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"Wait... so let me get this straight, you thought Kaci was dead?" Connor asked. "Well yeah! The biters actually feasted on her arm..." I replied. "It's nice to me you Kaci!" Connor stated whilst shaking her hand.

"Guys I'm going to put my bag in one of the classrooms." Megan told.

"So Kaci, how long did you say you have been here?" I asked. "Ever since you guys left... but I have never been inside. There are loads of biters in there, I've just been camping out here." Kaci replied. "Wait! What? Megan has just gone inside! Why didn't you tell us?" I shouted. I heard a loud scream. "Megan!" I yelled.

Megan had opened the door and a load of biters came piling out. "Help me!" Megan cried as the biters ripped her intestines out of her. I fell to the floor and my eyes filled with tears. "Alfie!" Charlotte shouted. I looked behind me and there were even more biters that had managed to follow us over the wall.

Charlotte started to gag at the smell. "Guys help!" She yelled as blood filled her mouth. "Charlotte! No!" Connor yelled.

I stood there in shock... Like I didn't want to put up with it anymore. "Alfie! We need to go!" Sinead shouted. "Move out of my way! Its time to kick some zombie butt!

I got my sword out of its case and swung it left to right. The whole group were over the fence except me and a dying Charlotte. Blood filled the ground and my sword was slicing through them like a knife cuts through water.

The herd of biters that were from the wall had completely wiped out, but the herd that killed Megan remained there eating Megan alive. I ran up to the herd. "Alfie, we have no time!" Charlotte shouted.

I stopped. everything was in slow motion. I saw Megan... In biter form. roaming around. She came at me. I held out my arm so she would take me with her.

Suddenly I was ripped out of the way by a strong force. It was a man, A man that I had never seen before. "Run! Save yourself!" He shouted. I ran away with Charlotte looking shocked. "Who are you?" I called. He looked at me and ran away. "Just go!" He yelled. "In the bus!" Mum shouted. Me and Charlotte fell onto the bus as the biters started to climb the wall. "Go mum!" I angrily yelled.

The mysterious man ran passed with two little boys. I looked at him and the boys. "Stop!" I shouted at Mum as she hit the brake with her right foot. "Get on!" I said. "Thank you!" The man said as he got on.

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