Chapter 7

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After a solid hour of watching Orange Is The New Black, we are interrupted by a loud knock. Natalie turns off the TV before jumping up and going to answer the front door. I awkwardly stay sitting for a second before deciding to follow her lead.

"Hey guys!" I hear her cheery voice greet.

"Hey Nat," two voices say at the same time, right as I turn the corner into the entryway.

When I do, I see two attractive guys in the doorway. One has blond hair, styled up in a quiff, and sparkling blue eyes. He literally looks like he could be a member of a boy band. The other guy has a bit more of a rugged look to him. With his dark brown hair and eyes, he looks dangerous. I have to hold in a giggle at how the two look like polar opposites.

"Hey Luna!" the blond one says, sending me a cute grin.

The brown haired guy sends him a glare and then elbows him in the stomach. Natalie's eyes widen and she looks over at me with worry.

Before anyone can say anything, I speak up. "Um, my name's Brynlee. But you can call me Brynn."

The blond clears his throat before grinning again. "Sorry 'bout that, Brynn. I'm Noah!" he holds out his hand.

I send him a smile in return as I take a few steps forward and shake his hand. I notice the other guy holding out his hand too, so I move towards him as well.

"I'm Garrett," he says in a deep voice, as we shake.

"Nice to meet you two," I say, retreating back a few feet to stand by Natalie.

"Okay, okay, enough with the introductions, let's go!" she says, excitedly. Just one look at her cute outfit tells me that Natalie's favorite hobby is shopping. "Do you have his card?"

"Yep," Noah replies, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a gold credit card.

"Sweet!" Natalie grabs the card out of his grasp and then loops her arm around one of mine before pulling me passed the boys and through the front door. "Let's go!" she repeats when Noah and Garrett don't immediately follow us.

There is a black SUV parked outside. Its dark tinted windows remind me of FBI vehicles in television shows. Natalie opens one of the back doors and motions for me to get in. I slide across the back seat and she hops in beside me. Garrett gets in the drivers seat and once Noah is in, he starts the car and hits the gas.

As we drive, I discreetly watch our surroundings, trying get used to the area, so I can figure out how to get out of here in the future. I don't know how good of an idea it will be to try to escape while at the mall. With three people watching me, I don't think that it is going to be possible. Plus, it would be smarter to gain their trust and escape later, once their guards are down. I smile silently, content with my plan. For now, I'll try my best to act comfortable around these people.

"Why do you look so excited, Nat?" Garrett's voice cuts me out of my thoughts.

I look over at Natalie and see her practically jumping up and down in her seat.

"Cause we're going shopping!" Natalie says excitedly. "And you guys know how much I love shopping!"

Both boys laugh at her words. "Trust me, we know. Asher doesn't shut up about how much money you waste on shoes," Garrett replies.

I smile at his words. It's unnatural how comfortable I feel around these people, like they are literally so similar to my friends back home. I shake the thought from my mind quickly, not wanting to get emotional right now.

"But the real question is: did the Alpha even give you permission to buy stuff? I thought this trip was for Brynn," Noah says, turning around in his seat to look back at us.

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