Chapter 17: Aftermath

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Tyler's POV

Winter's face paled, the light blush she was sporting quickly faded as she hastily attempted to fix her messy hair.

"Jess, I-I can't." I spoke into the phone, not believing what the fuck was actually happening right now. How could I have been so utterly stupid not to check the Caller ID?!

"I'm in the middle of-... right now?" I sighed into the line, already aggravated by her high pitched voice that she truly believed turned me on when really, it just made the boner I sported go limp. Fast.

"Jess... I'm busy." I attempted to explain. I looked back up at Winter and something seemed off, very very off. I moved forward toward her slightly shaking body and reach my hands out to check if she was alright but she backed up towards the wall.


"No," Winter deadpanned, backing away from me. Her eyes no longer held the excitement it once had, they were now an pale dull blue, unrecognizable. "You're not busy, go to your girlfriend." She demanded, stepping ever further away from me until she disappeared down the corridor.

I stood in the same spot, not sure what to do. The word girlfriend hung in the air like a verminous, repulsive odor that refused to leave

I didn't know what hurt more, the fact that Winter had rejected my touch in such a distasteful way or the expression that was engraved on her face which held a tremendous amount of regret.

"Tyler?! You better not have hung up on me Tyler!" Jess shrieked into the phone so loud I had to temporarily remove the device from my ear to prevent hearing loss.

"N-no, I'm still on the line," I sighed, "I'll be there in a few." I responded before the line went dead. My fingers massaged the brink of my nose in annoyance, I could already feel a headache coming on.

"What the hell did I just get myself into?" I sighed as I grabbed my car keys that were on the coffee table to my left and headed out the door.


Jess's POV

I rushed to the door as soon as I heard the doorbell ring, my body buzzed with excitement to see Tyler since I hadn't seen him in forever and I longed for his mind blowing sex we always had after we were separated for a while. He just couldn't get enough of me and vice versa.

"Hey babe!" I chirped in my cute little voice that he loved so much.

"Hey." He deadpanned, completely spaced out. It seemed as if something was aggravating him by the lack of acknowledgment he showed towards me and my ever so showy outfit I had put on just for him. This was very much unlike him to not have started devouring my face by now and it really concerned me because I wanted sex... Now.

"What's wrong?" I asked, grabbing his hands and pulling the rest of his body through the door and towards my living room.

"Nothing, nothing." He replied, looking towards me with slightly forced smile. Any other day, I would have pried into this underlying predicament that intrigued me but right as of this moment, I needed to prioritize. My frown quickly flipped into a huge grin.

"Good." I replied, as I pulled his firm build into my lush, soft body, making sure to rub all my curves and naughty parts against/into his rock hard figure...

...and that's when I took a sniff.

That scent... It was identical to Winter's signature Fresh Linen that she had worn since high-school... No. That's not possible. That is DEFINITELY not possible. I concluded it was my mistake an went in to sniff him again. The scent was the same, Fresh Linen.

Maybe she could have accidentally sprayed him right? Like a joke maybe? Or he could of mistook it as his own... Because I know Tyler and he wouldn't have betrayed me.

He would never betray me.

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"Me Charrington, good morning. What brings you to L'amour De Art, sir?" The receptionist asked, twirling her right blonde curls around her fingers as she batted her eyelashes towards me to win my diverted attention. Ugh, what a slut.

"I'm here on a business inquiry. I need to know the artist who created one of the pieces I bought in the Summit Auctions 2 weeks ago, I'd very much like to invest an purchase more of her artwork."

"Yes sir," the blonde said, pushing her boobs up, "but you don't need to meet with the artist to buy her artwork, I could simply give you a catalogue... Or anything else you might desire..." She replied, her voice smooth and lustful.

I took in an annoyed breath and fixed my crooked tie clip before continuing, "I conduct all my businesses personally. Please don't make me ask again because I'm sure you wouldn't want to involve the manager, now would you? I'm guessing this job means very much to you and if you would like to keep it, I suggest giving me a room number. The items I.P. was 18B763CD42."

Her hands were typing like crazy all the while shaking out of fear. Maybe I overdid it a tad...


"T-The Artists name is Adrianna Giordano. She is in room 213. I should warn you thou-"

"No need." I cut her off, I was already booking it for the elevator. This blonde bimbo made me late.

I knocked on the door twice then entered, growing more and more impatient.

"Hello? Anyone here?" I asked, looking around an empty pottery studio.

"I'm back here!" She replied, her rough voice coming through the conjoining room. I walked around the pottery wheels and stands, heading towards the back room. It opened into another room where I saw another slim form kneading clay.

"My name is Chris Charrington, head of Charrington Co. I'm here on official business." I replied, using my firm, authoritative tone.

"Okay." She chuckled, moving her slender hands around the spinning wheel. "What do you want?"

"Uh..." I was taken back by her informalities, "I'm looking to purchase and invest into your clay work."

She stood up and made her way to the cupboard that was closer to me to pull out more clay chunks. I could more properly make out her figure. She was slender and quite tall, not close to my height, but a little over average. Her hair was pitch black and her skin was a sun kissed caramel.

I couldn't get a good look at her face because she wasn't facing me

"Talk to the receptionist about this, I don't talk money." She replied in a horse voice, pulling out clay.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you." I demanded, reaching my limit with how many times I was going to be disrespected today.

Her head slowly turned towards my general direction and looked up towards me. Her face was breathtaking, light freckles danced across her skin. She had a very chiseled chin, make her face look even more lovely. Her eyes are what caught my attention, they were very pale and heavily clouded with and almost white most which made my stomach turn and brought me instant regret.

"Y-you're... b-blind?"
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