I Never Thought I'd Be In Love Like This. Kaidence Is It For Me. She's My One And Only True Love. More Or Less Anyways. I Just Showed Her The House I Bought For Us To Be A Family In, And Even Though She Said She Loved It; There Was Still Something Wrong. I Asked Her And Of Course She Said It Was Nothing. I Knew She Was Lying, But Oh Well.

After I Dropped Her Off At Her House, I Headed To The Crib To Change My Clothes And Go Handle Some Business. My Moms Had Put My Two Lil Ones To Bed And I Kissed Them Both, And Made My Way Downstairs To Take A Shower. After My Shower, I Dressed In My Black Pants, My Red And Black Polo Shirt, And My Red And Black Js. Ya Boy Was Looking Too Fye. I Sprayed On Some Of My Polo Black Cologne, And Headed Out.

I Hopped In My Car And Headed To My Homie Victor's House Party. It Was Around 11pm When I Pulled Up And The Party Was In Full Swing.

"Aye!" Victor Said As I Made My Way Downstairs. He Was Already Drunk As Hell, But That Wasn't Nothing New.

"Wassup Man." I Said, Showing Him Love.

"Not Shit Man! Finna Grab One Of These Females And Do My Thang!" He Said. Two Females Then Approached Us. One Was Dark Skinned And The Other Was Brown Skinned.

"Can We Dance?" The Dark Skinned Girl Asked Victor.

"Hell Yeah!" He Said As He Pulled Her Onto The Dance Floor.

"What About You? You Wanna Dance?" The Brown Skinned Girl Asked Me. I Grabbed Her Hand And Pulled Her On To The Dance Floor. The DJ Began Playing Ciara Body Party And The Girl Begin Slowly Grinding On Me.

"So What's Your Name?" She Asked.

"Preston." I Said.

"Oh. I'm Tracy." She Said. I Slid My Hands Around Her Waist And Notice She Was Hella Thick Back There.

"Damn Ma. You Gotta Fatty!" I Said. She Giggled.

"How Old Are You?" I Asked.

"Sixteen. You?" She Said.

"I'm Eighteen." I Said. She Pressed Her Body Against Mines As She Threw Her Arms Around My Neck.

"You Sexy As Hell Boo." She Said.

"Preciate It. What's Your Number?" I Asked As The Song Ended. I Pulled My Phone Out And Got Her Number.

"You Gon Call Me Soon Right?" She Asked.

"I Got Ya Babygirl." I Said. She Bit Down On Her Bottom Lip As She Walked Off. Yeah...I Still Got It. I Walked On The Other Side Of The Room, And Spotted Me A Bad Ass Young Girl. She Looked About 5'5 With A Curvaceous Body, And Thick In All The Right Places. She Saw Me Checking Her Out And Started Giggling With Her Friends. I Walked Up To Her And Asked Her To Dance. She Accepted And Handed Her Purse To One Of Her Friends. We Walked Onto The Dance Floor And Began Dancing To "Do My Dance" By Tyga And 2 Chains. She Began Twerking Roughly Against Me, But I Liked The Feel Of Her Round Ass Against My Area.

"Let's Go Over By The Wall." I Said, Pulling Her Towards The Dark Cornered Wall.

"What's Your Name?" I Asked.

"Carmen." She Said.

"Pretty Name For A Pretty Girl." I Said. She Giggled.

"Let's Go Somewhere Quiet." She Said. We Snuck Away From The Party And Headed To My Car.

"So You Got A Girlfriend?" She Asked.

"Nahh I'm Single." I Said. It Wasn't A Lie, I Was Single.

"Mmmm Me Too." She Said. I Sat My Hand On Her Thighs.

"I Would Invite You Over, But My Parents Are Probably Still Awake." She Said.

"I Got My Own Place." I Said.

"Oh Really? Well How About We Go There." She Said. I Started My Car, And Headed To My House. Like I Said...I Still Got It.

(Preston In MM.)

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