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This was requested by @doctorwholover5137

Thanks for your request :)

(P.S sorry it's late! I have revision and homework :/)


Sherlock joined the chatroom

Watson joined the chatroom

Sherlock - John? Where are you?

Watson - I am with my wife. You do now realise I am a married man?

Sherlock - Yes... I did. Every since I was your best man at your wedding. How was your sex holiday?

Watson - Honeymoon Sherlock and yes... It was great. Me and Mary-

Sherlock - Had a lot of sex? Yes I know. I do not need to know the details. Has Mary been avoiding seafood?

Watson - Yes. She has.

Sherlock - John... I can tell when people lie.

Watson - Oh shut up Sherlock! We got back a week ago and you want to touch on the subject now?

Sherlock - Oh, I also have something to give you.

Watson - What is it? Is it another one of those weird eyeballs you sent me last time. Or a case or something?

Sherlock - No... Well... Now you come to the point I-

Watson - What is it Sherlock?!

Sherlock - Okay John.. I think your hormones are getting to you...

Watson - Sherlock... get on with it.

Sherlock - I found something.

Watson - Yes.... What?

Sherlock - A toy. It was lying around in all of the boxes I had from years back.

Watson - We could use that for the baby. Wait... what is it first?

Sherlock - A small dog. It's... red.

Watson - Oh cool. Yes sure. I'll have that! Thanks Sherlock.

Sherlock - So sad to have departed but...

Watson - What?

Sherlock - Nothing. I'll get my homeless network to come and drop it off.

Watson - Okay. So... see you later?

Sherlock - Yes....

Sherlock left the chatroom

Watson left the chatroom


Hope you like it XP

Nice flash of memories :)

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