Payback time..... Chap 4.

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There stood Usher and Justin Bieber. Why me? Why Justin Bieber?

"Um I'm looking for Lexi White?" Justin said promtly.

Everyone looked at me and pointed, Gee thanks guys.

"Get out." I said coldly, ignoring everyone's gasps.

"Oh were checking you out of school." Justin said cooly.

"Yeah right." I said, rolling my eyes. "Look, Justin. This is a 9th grade English class. Not one of your press conferences."

"Fine we'll stay here!! Is that okay, Ms... Umm Cook?" Justin said while reading my teaches name tag.

"Oh of course!! Have a seat!!" Ms.Cook said.

All the girls were squealing and giggling.

"Um excuse me, Mr. Justin, can you do you hair flip?" Cassie Quick, only the bitchiest girl ever, said.

"Well only since you called me Mr. Justin I will." then he flipped his hair.

Oh a hair flip!! I can't even do that!! What a joke. Why are people so obsessed with this guy?

I rolled my eyes and tried to foucs on the board. Yeah, that didn't work very well.

The bell finally rang after an agitating 55 minutes.

Lunch time, finally.

"So Lexi..." Justin said as he caught up to me. "Anything good to eat here?" He asked.

"Just go awa- Wait. You're having LUNCH here to!?" I basically sceamed.

"Yeah why not?" He said calmly.

"WHY NOT?! BECAUSE I DONT LIKE YOU!!" I basically screamed again.

Now the whole hallway was staring at us.

"Aw well too bad little one!" He said while patting my head and smiling.

"Little one? Dude I'm almost taller then you. Get a grip!!" I said while walking.

"Well then!" He said. "I'm still taller then you!" He said again.

"Yeah whatever!" I fired back.

I walked in the lunchroom with Justin and Usher and everyone gasped.

It was quiet for about 2 seconds. Then, well..

It was like a madhouse. All hell broke loose.

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