30. In the Ring

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSEY! This is an update for Lindsey because its her birthday and I love her and bc I ate some of her flurry when she wasn't looking;)

Also: I'm actually so fed up with comment saying this is like Dark! I got the idea of a harry that isn't famous from her and some of the sexual context from Dark but it isn't Dark! Yes, I know the fighting is similar, but Harry is fighting Jaime in Stay because he wants revenge for all the times that he hurt Rose! He does it out of his passion and one track mind to destroy anything thats ever hurt or could potentially hurt Rose. Rose and Harry were previously dating not like Bo and Harry in Dark where they met at a party! Dark is dark because Harry in Dark is a mischievous cheeky dangerous boy that only wants what's best but Stay is a story about falling back in love with everything! I literally get so heart broken when people compare Stay to Dark it's an honor, of course (Dark is by far the absolute best fanfic ever in my mind) but Stay and Dark are compeletly separate and I want it to be recognized for that, not for being like Dark but for being a good fanfic.

^sorry guys I just had to put this in here! Xx

30. In the ring

Harry POV

I took a swing hitting Jamie square in the face as he stumbled backwards. He came forward faster and stronger than before and hit my stomach three times. I felt my abs clench tightly. His face contorted as blood started coming from his nose. I went forward hitting his head as he punched my jaw again and then my forehead in two sharp swift movements. I punched him twice in the face as he grabbed onto the side of the ring and leaned against it. My fists pounding his stomach as I eased off before he'd completely had enough. I leaned against the side of the ring as he came over and sighed a loud sigh.

"Your girl Rose, she's feisty." He nodded with a chuckle. "Sorry for getting her a bit banged up though. Ya know, I remember when we made love. She was so tight." He spoke with some sort of amusement. My body heat has risen to an all time high.

"You didn't make love, you raped her." I put my face closer to his. My words thick with anger. He didn't care about what he said no ounce of shame in his brainless body.

"You sat tomato and I say tamoto." He winked. I was about to take a swing but then he continued. "I'm sure you've seen that slut naked plenty of times. So I'm sure you've seen my handy work. The scar on her hip, that was when she was trying to hide her phone from me. She ran around me but I pushed her into the side of the counter. Opps." His voice so monotone but I could hear the pleasure in his voice as his words all directly hitting my nerves. I've never noticed the scar, which is surprising before Rose showed me the scares I had actually never seen them. "The one on her lip, she told me she didn't want to be together anymore. She said I was too controlling and that she needs a break. I didn't like that, so I punched her. Right on the mouth." He paused shrugging, then letting an evil laugh slip his mouth. "She bit her own lip." He laughed out loud at this part. Nobody could hear over the chanting that was happening and nobody cared. They continuously shouted 'fight' at us be continued to put me through torture. "Her neck. My most prized scar she wears. She refused to sleep with me and I took a broken bottle to her throat. She's still living. I let her off easy." He spat in my face. His warm spit dripped off my cheek. I used my glove to wipe the saliva from my skin and glared at him. He produced an evil laugh that enraged me further.

In one swift kick my foot hit his crotch sending his body in a hunch. My knee came up connecting with his nose my gloves pounding his face over and over as he screamed out in pain. Jamie was 3 times my weight but I could pack a mean punch. The ref pulled me off of him and held me back away from his body. Jamie wreathed in pain on the mat blood coming from his nose and mouth. He looked half dead and the realisation finally came to me.

I could kill somebody.

I didn't wait for them to announce the winner but just left the ring and fight club before I killed someone. Someone being Jamie.

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