⭐️Chapter 14⭐️ Death of a Friend

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Choosing the path with voids means a huge sacrifice will be made to the king...
-Shu Ouma

"We are going on our first operation today," Shu said.

"WHAT?!" Ryo shouted in disbelief.

"Wait a minute! Do you think the kids are actually ready? Ryo is still learning how to use our voids!" Ayase shouted.

"Yes, I truly believe they are ready," Shu replied.

When Ryo pulled out his void, It was a pair of glasses that allowed the blind to see so now Shu ain't blind anymore.

Tsugumi, Ayase, Darryl, Kanon, Yahiro, Souta, Arisa, Aiko and Kenji's void stayed the same, meaning their heart had not changed after 3 decades.

Katsu's void was a crossbow that shoots different types of arrows.

Asuka's void was a pair of wings that allows her to fly. They were a pair of white wings

Ryo's void was a gun that shoots bombs.

Ryo took out everyone's voids and they started preparation for the operation.

Save Akari.


"Have you ever wondered how your void looks like?" Shadou asked.

"Void?" Akari questioned weakly.

"I know! Let's ask Yuu to pull it out for us to see!" Shadou exclaimed and went to look for Yuu. When she was back with Yuu, Yuu pulled out her void. It was a black gun.

"What does it do?" Shadou asked as she picked it up. She pointed the gun at Akari and Akari panicked. Shadou laughed, "I am not going to shoot you, what good would that be?"

Akari sighed as Shadou moved away. She pointed the gun at a flower and shot it. Crystals started being formed on the flower and then it cracked and the crystal shards fell onto the ground.

"It can be used to force the apocalypse virus, how wonderful," Shadou said.

"Isn't that bad?" Akari asked.


"Maybe for you,but to me... It's perfect. Now let's see what's yours," Shadou said and Yuu pulled out mine. It was a gun similiar to Shadou's but white. They released one of my hands to allow me to shoot it. I shot it at the crystals and they began forming back a flower. I gasped and dropped my void. It returned back inside me.

"That's just mean, how can you have a void that repels mine?" Shadou whined.

"I don't know..." I replied weakly.

"Oh well, not like you can do to save any of your followers. They are coming to save you and you can't do anything to help them," Shadou laughed. "They are so pathetic."

I felt so weak after the continuous insults and hurls threw at me by Shadou. She's so mean, but yet I don't feel like hating her. I pity her. If she was born normally like anyone else, maybe this wouldn't have happened. She doesn't seem that bad either. She's just jealous of everyone else. While she is stuck inside another human being, everyone else is having fun.


"Yo Commander Shu, what's the plan," Kido asked.

"I would gladly like if you don't call me that," Shu said in disgust, then he replied, "This is the plan. We all know that Shadou and Yuu are hiding in the old abandoned grounds of GHQ, so we will break in at 5pm. I give you all time to find a way into the main room where Shadou and Akari are at."

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