⭐️Chapter 15⭐️ Depression

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I'm afraid of myself, because... I'm a monster.
-Akari Suzuki


"Ryo? Please come out Ryo!" Aiko shouted. However she had no response.

"Forget it Aiko, he's been in there for a week," Kido said.

"But... I am scared... Didn't the same thing happen to Shu? When Hare-chan died..." Aiko said in a shaky voice. "What if it happens to Ryo?"

"I can't say for its for the best but... I think we should check on him.



"Oh I almost forgot," Shadou smirked and continued shooting at Asuka, this time even faster.

Ryo and Katsu tried to help, but Yuu stopped them.

"I wouldn't interrupt if I were you..." Yuu threatened.

Asuka flew faster, but was no match. And so, a bullet pierced her wings.

She fell onto the ground and crystals started taking over her body. Her void had disappeared too.

Ryo ran over to her and hugged her.

"Asuka! You can survive it! I won't let you die!" Ryo cried.

Asuka smiled weakly and caressed Ryo's cheek.

"Sorry, this is end of the line for me... Promise me, you'll save Akari... I love you..." she said weakly before cracking into crystal shards.


Ryo picked up the shards from Asuka's body and kept them in his pockets. Then, he got up and glared at Shadou.


"Hmm?" Shadou prompted.

"Killed my love."

Ryo grabbed Katsu's void with his left hand and his void with his right hand to act as dual guns. She shot repetitively at Shadou, but of course Shadou dodged them all.

"Eh? What's up with that aura of yours? It's so familiar..." Shadou commented. "It's like-"

"Hey Ryo! What are you doing?" Katsu shouted.

Ryo ignored them and continued shouting at Shadou. His attacks were getting more and more accurate. Yuu must have noticed so he ran to protect Shadou.

"My lady, we must retreat, you are still not at your full strength and your life source is becoming weak," he said and drew out a force field.

"Hmm, all right..." Shadou mumbled. She looked at Ryo and Katsu and said, "Sayonara, until we meet again."

Then she and Yuu started to disappear.

"WAIT WHERE IS AKARI?" Katsu shouted.

Ryo simply looked down and walked away.

~End of Flashback~


"According to Katsu, Asuka was his everything," Kido said.

"There is a possibility, my mistake will be repeated..." Shu said. "Choosing the path with voids means a huge sacrifice will be made to the king... Just like what happened to Hare and Inori."


"What are afraid of, Akari? It never came for me to know what it was..." Shadou says.

"I'm afraid of myself, because... I'm a monster," Akari said sadly.

"Oh? So you admitted it," Shadou laughed, then she started mumbling to herself (Akari was no longer listening), "You know... Ryo seemed like Aiko when I was about to kill Kido. Is it a family thing? Well, whatever."

"Asuka... I'm sorry... I killed you..." Akari cried softly and tears slipped down her cheek.

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