⭐️Chapter 8⭐️ Monster

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It's sad, but love couldn't kill the monster inside me...
-Aiko Suzuki

*Ding* *Ding* *Ding*


We are back in school again.

News about me being Katsu's girlfriend spread fast.

It wouldn't long before they try to do something bad to me again...

I sighed in my thoughts and looked out the window.

No matter what happens, I will protect you okay? Those words felt so genuine and warm...

It was lunch. I should be meeting up with the rest, but first, I got to go to the washroom to wash my face.

I didn't understand why I felt so weak...

I washed my face and closed my eyes, but when I opened them, I found myself standing in a unfamiliar environment. It was dark and gave the creepy vibes. I heard footsteps. Is that...

"Welcome Akari," an icy, yet familiar voice said.

"Shadou? Is that you?" I called out softly.

She appeared before me. She looked a little different. Her face looked emotionless and there was blood all over her.

"Why am I the one sinned? When you are the monster?" she asked with no emotion.

"I don't quite understand..."

"You have freedom and happiness, something I can never have," she said sadly, then laughing evilly, "But now... THIS BODY IS MINE!"

She disappeared slowly as I shouted for her to let me out.


I'm free...

"Look who we have here..." a voice from behind said.

Tch. It's those b*tches.

I chuckled and said darkly, "Hello there... Dead people..."

There were four girls standing in front of me with an angry face. I believe Akari mentioned their names were Ayame, Hayako, Chiyoko and Kimiko.

"What did you say?!" Kimiko yelled in a threatening manner.

"You guys are that pathetic that you are already characterized as dead," I laughed.

"Why you-" Chiyoko said before being cut off by their ring leader, Ayame.

"You. You really did kill them, didn't you? YOU DONT DESERVE TO HAVE KATSU!" she shouted angrily.

I tilt my head to the side innocently and replied, "Kill? I don't quite understand that word. I prefer put to sleep for eternity." I chuckled.

"WHY YOU!" Hayako charged at me and tried to strangle me. I smirked and mouthed out, "Pathetic." I made my knife from appear and stabbed her in the stomach. She fell onto the ground, screaming in pain. Her screams were starting to irritate me so I made my gun appear and shot her head.

There peace...

The others stared at their friend's dead body in fear and shock.

I spun my knife in my hand and tucked my gun in my pocket.

"How dare you do that to Hayako!" Kimiko shrieked.

The other two glared at me angrily, but I could sense the fear in their eyes.

"You! You monster!" Ayame yelled.

Tch. What an annoying voice.

I sighed and threw my knife straight at her heart. She died in an instant. The two girls wanted to escape, but I shot them before they could even move an inch.

Now to clear this bloody mess... I made fire appear and burnt the bodies. Once they were burnt to crisp and swept the ashes into the dustbin and whistled, "Job well done. I knew this body would be useful." I walked out. Next on my to-die list, Akari's family and friends. Then, I smirked evilly.

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