(1)Rainy Day

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Whispering winds making way to enter pores,pit-a-patting droplets competing with his loud beating organ, and an empty room with a boy sitting near the closed window. 'Where are they? ' he thought. The dark wasn't scary, it was never for him but he's alone fighting with the weariness clothing him. What kind of son would not worry for his family who hasn't set their muddy shoes on their floor ever since they greeted the busy morning, and an announcement of a storm about to devastate the city was up? Obviously, it's not him. His frail legs dragged him back and forth the living room while his vigorously trembling teeth fought with his pitiful finger.

Destructive storm it was, he concluded when it made the sky scream so loud, he was scared but instead of whining he did what he ought to do . He hid under the dining table when the natural disaster taking place was not an earthquake. His attentive ears heard noise which then on became familiar voice and it opened the door, revealing his mother. He saw his mother holding a blanket on her arms. It was a blanket on the pair of her full of experience arms that seemed to have the shape of a living thing, a baby and he wondered if he was that hungry to cause illusions.

He,Jungkook, approached his mom and immediately stopped when the blanket moved. "Huh! Eomma what's that?!" he exclaimed, set a foot backward in dread of what might reveal itself on the cloth.  "Shhh...Quiet Jungkook." she whispered and looked at the blanket sweetly. His mother slightly removed a part of the blanket and there was a peaceful child sleeping, wrapped with oblivion of the sinful world.

His eyes widened,he pointed the baby and said, "Eomma whose baby is this? Is it a boy or a girl? Why is she or I hope he,is here?" Jungkook baffled his tongue in a loop.

His mother ignored him completely and went to a room where there, she chose to lay the baby down, carefully before going out.   Jungkook was standing in front of her, waiting for his questions to be answered by words not actions. "I'll answer all of your questions when your father and brother is already here,okay?" She assured  her son with a pat on the shoulders.  "Do me a favor. Sit beside her while I'm going to get your old crib." His mother said as she hurriedly passed by.

Jungkook did what he was told to although he was reluctant. 'Her?So it's a girl? 'A sigh escaped his lips because the baby broke his imaginations about a baby brother but he doesn't want to admit it but,he finds her cute.

His mom suddenly appeared with a crib on her hands, it was near breaking with every sound it made due to its age. He watched her do everything and thought 'So I'm no longer the maknae?' His mother finished setting up the crib. "I can handle this,you can go now." his mom told him and he quietly obeyed.

 He sat on the sofa and bobbed his head to the music playing on his MP3 wherein voices he half worshiped sang in a melody. The door opened, revealing two males he had been waiting for. As soon as they showed themselves, he rushed to them. "Appa!Hyung! Eomma brought home a baby! " Jungkook exclaimed. Both his father and brother widened their eyes, their mouths slightly ajar. "Follow me." Jugkook said and took the lead which ended in front of the master's bedroom.

His mother was humming a song while carrying the baby.  "You,guys are so noisy." she said, nagged rather, in the softest way she could to not wake the baby up."Eomma?" his hung asked while his hand unplugged the earphones in his ears.  "Her mother left her to me a while ago. I pitied her young mother and I took her. I don't know when but her mother will definitely come here and get her." his mother explained in a freestyle beat. "So she's gonna stay here until her mother comes here and fetch her?" Mrs.Jeon nodded to her husband. "Let's call her,Dana, for now."

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