Vampire Knight FANFICTION "Destiny" Episode 6, Don't be afraid

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Headmaster Cross sat quietly at his desk, studying Chiyo's records. If she was to become a night class student today, then he would have to read up about her. Everything seemed to be in order, besides one thing. Why wasn't her last name shown on any of the records? Headmaster placed the last page of information on top of the pile. "I better go inform Zero on this new student, he will have to guide her around." Headmaster called for one of the day class students to go and get him, but when she didn't return after a while, the headmaster got impatient. "Oh ill just have to go and get him myself." The headmaster walked off grumbling to himself.

Zero sat on the edge of his bed, deep in thought. How will i survive? How long do i have left before... Zero's daydream was inturupted by the door of his room being swung open. "Zero! I have some great news." Zero looked up to see the headmaster standing before him in a pink dressing gown with the design of pink kittens asleep. Zero sighed. "What are you doing here? Don't i get privacy anymore?" The headmasters expression turned innocent. "Well i sent a day class student to come here before but she didn't return, so i had to come and get you myself." Zero covered his face with his hands. "Couldn't you at least get changed?" The headmaster pulled a peace sign with his fingers. "aww but its cute! Why don't you like it?" Zero looked back up at the headmaster. "How can you like it?" Headmaster lowered his head. "Anyway thats not what i was here for. There is a new night class student arriving today. I would like you to meet with her at 9:30 in my office. You are to make her feel welcome." Zero didn't move. "Well, i guess ill see you then, Bye Zero!" The headmaster skipped out the door. Zero let out another sigh and fell backwards on to his bed.

The headmaster checked his watch. 9:28 Zero should be here any minute, and so should the new girl. The headmaster tapped his pen on his desk impatiently. Finally, there was a knock on his door. The headmaster grinned and opened the door. There in the doorway stood Chiyo, staring at the floor. "Why hello Chiyo, im Headmaster Cross." Chiyo didn't say a word. "You are very shy aren't you?" The headmaster went back to sit behind his desk. "Well Chiyo, i have a boy how will guide you around the school in a few minutes, his name is Zero." There was suddenly another knock at the door. "Ah perfect timing Zero, come on in. I'd like you to meet Chiyo." Zero extended a hand to Chiyo, but she didn't move. Zero let his had fall back down to rest against his leg. "Well Chiyo, if you have any questions just ask Zero." She turned and loked at Zero for the first time. Zero took a step back in shock. Her eyes! Chiyo looked to Zero's neck and smiled. "Its nice to meet you Zero." Chiyo walked on ahead leaving Zero stunned. The headmaster cleared his throut. "Um Zero, i think Chiyo has left, maybe you should go with her?" Zero shook his head and came back to reality. "Sure thing." Zero turned and followed behind Chiyo.

Chiyo trailed behind Zero, taking in her surroundings. "These are the day classes, all the humans go to school there. Here's the classes you'll be taking." Chiyo looked over to her left. "Were is my dorm?" Zero started walking again. "You dont have a dorm. Your in the night class, you dont sleep, do you?" Chiyo shook her head. "Im only a new vampire, i forget some things." Zero sighed and kept walking. "So, how did you get the marking on your neck Zero?" Zero covered the mark with his hand. "Just a tattoo." Chiyo stopped walking. "Don't lie to me." Zero stopped and turned back at her. "You got that off Shizuka, didn't you?" Zero was amazed. "How did you know?" Chiyo Smiled. "I have special powers. Remember in the office this morning when i looked you in the eyes for the first time? Well, that short glimps told me everything about you." Chiyo lifter a hand up to her neck and pulled the hair that drapped over the front, backwards to reveal the same marking on the same side of her neck as Zero, her left side. "That and i am just like you." Zero stared wide eyed at the marking. "Shizuka Hio bit me when i was young, just like you, and just like you i am only new to this vampire world." Zero shook his head. "I am not new at this." Chiyo laughed. "You think that you are an exprernced vampire? You must be joking." Zero looked down at his feet. "Do you know what these signs are really for, Zero?" Chiyo stepped closer to Zero. "Do you know what happens when you have two people with the same marking?" Chiyo kept walking until she was eye to eye with Zero. Zero gazed into her enchanting eyes. "This happens." Chiyo wrapped her arms round Zero's neck and pulled him down to her. Their two signs connected. Zero felt a jolt of electricity travvel around his body. His eyes widened. Chiyo felt it to. They stayed like that for a few more seconds, then Chiyo released Zero from her grip. Zero stood there gazing at Chiyo. "What.... Just happened?" Chiyo smiled. "We just connected, Zero. Now, we both have twice as much power as we usually have. Together, this power can even take down purebloods." Zero looked at Chiyo's sign on her neck. It was glowing a bright red. He ran his hand over his sign and felt it pulsating. Chiyo put her hand on Zero's. "At this moment, our own energy runs through each other, strengthening us." Chiyo removed her hand from Zero's. "If i were you, id now go an take a rest, because if someone gets on your bad side when your in a state like this, then they wouldn't stand a chance." Chiyo turned and started walking away, leaving Zero in a state of shock. She suddenly stopped as if forgeting to say something, then turned her head back around and winked at Zero. "Oh yeah, i forgot to mention. Because of this bond we share, we are concidered brother and sister, even though we aren't related." She turned back around and started walking again. "Oh and tell the headmaster that if he couldn't find my last name on the documents, its Kurenai."

(Stay tuned for Episode 7, uncovered mysteries.)

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