Chapter 36: I want you back

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Here I am eating my words…Ok I know what I said but I just couldn’t wait to upload more, it’s not as long as I said it would be but the next chapter is and it’s already half done so that will be up soon too. And BTW I quickly researched the prison sentence thing so if anything is wrong, blame Yahoo answers :D


Reed’s P.O.V


The day after the night before, I thought while having my roll up for the morning. I’d had two last night after leaving Katy’s house to clear my head.

I still wasn’t sure what to make of it all but I knew one thing, I loved her and it was about time I started admitting it to myself again.

My dad never once said it to my mom, the fourteen years they’d been together.

 Instead he’d gotten angry one night and attacked her, now he was paying for it. If me and my brother had been home that night then I think we would have spent the night in a jail cell, our dad in a hospital bed.

He’d now spent three years behind bars and had two more to go, the little piece of shit deserved everything he got.

 Five years wasn’t nearly enough but apparently according that’s the longest sentence for GBH and that he had pleaded guilty.

I’d never been close to him but the little respect I did have for him was gone the moment he laid a finger on my mom.

As much as I hated my stepdad, he was one of this kiss ass barristers’ and he was loaded, which wasn’t something I could say for my dad, my mom was happy now and that was all that mattered.

Jade got out of her car and made her way over, a little nervously. It made me think of how different she was to Katy, she was always so nervous and innocent, but after the episode last night and yesterday, I was starting to rethink the ‘innocent’ part.

Katy was confident, feisty and equal parts sexy, she didn’t pretend to be something she wasn’t. She knew that she could be bitchy and selfish and she never lied about it.

“Look out, here she comes the man eater, that girl is so into you but she looks like she’s ready to bolt every time she sees anyone looking at her. Except when you’re there, are you going soft on me Reed? You’ll lost your scariness dude” Drew joked, taking my lighter and nudging me.

“Shut up” but I couldn’t help smiling a little; I didn’t really want to be scary unless I was trying to intimidate someone.

When she made her way over, she looked at me a little sheepishly “Hey, how’s Katy?”

I hadn’t told any of our friends everything that had happened, they knew that Katy had gotten high but that was it.

The only one who knew everything was Cass; then again she was Katy’s best friend. I knew that if I told them everything then Katy would skin me alive when she got back.

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