chapter 5

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 Chapter 5

Take it out of his lap to verify the truth of her conversation 

\" You are soft for what and how  \" 

She kept silent trying to collect her words, and Harry shouted at her 

\" Don't test my patience, Allen, and tell me how you killed Lillian \" 

I held a little to tell him everything I knew and the remorse you feel 

\" Yes, I killed her when I decided to travel and leave her alone, and I know the severity of his attachment to me. I killed her when she acted selfishly and sought to fulfill my dreams  ، I killed her every time I set an example for her to act like me to be the end when I neglected to protect him ، Even your love for her killed him before you knew about him and she decided that like me she does not think about the link until she finishes her studies  ، On the contrary, she always dreamed of living in a small and warm house and getting a loving husband and children, right. She is my mother, Harry. I killed my sister ، I have no place among them. I am defiled. My hands are full of Lillian's blood. You will never be cleansed of it. My mother will not be forgiven  \" 

Hadi pulled her from his hands out of the graves after listening to the accusations that her mother clearly accused her of, and the other believes that she did so in light of her feeling of remorse ، Hadi decided that Allen, in that case, was unable to make any decisions, so he decided on her behalf to take her, he would not leave her here while she was in that condition .

She was lost after she finished her words, and she only felt herself sitting next to Harry in the car on her way to Medina ، She did not cost herself to ask him, she remained silent until she reached her home, she entered the door to embody in front of her the image of her sister's body while she was lying on the ground swimming in his blood 

She shouted while hiding his eyes in the chest from the ground scene, still stained with some outstanding blood that she refused to go away, as if she had decided to remind her of what happened, as if she had forgotten it 

\" No Harry, please take me from here. I won't be able to stay here. Every corner here will remind me that I killed my sister \" 

Harry pulled her out. He went down the stairs together and went up to the car and went on his way to his house until the morning. Then he will arrange for her another residence, far from any memory of her with her sister 

He arrived at the bottom of his house, got out of the car and opened the door next to it while it was still stray, took his hands and went up towards his apartment, opened the door, lit the lights, and presented it 

\" Alain, please know that my apartment is not the best option, but I stay in it temporarily until I return from my work, I will have arranged for you another house \" 

\" Thank you and sorry for bothering you, but I have no one but you anymore \" 

\" There is no room for thanks between us. I consider you part of my family since the beginning of our friendship, and I see you as my younger sister, despite your fiery nature and madness, but I am happy that I have a friend like you ، The house is under your command, forgive me for the chaos that pervades me. I am not an organized person like you \" 

\" Thank you, brother Harry, today I just need to tell you you were and still are yes help and support  \" 

Harry went out to work and Allen kept arranging the house as she couldn't stand sitting in a place full of chaos around her ، It was very difficult, but she needs to strain her body in order for her mind to stop thinking, but it is easy for memories to leave her alone ،  Soon she remembered Lillian, how she was the only one excluded, and who was entitled to do what she liked, she loved chaos and tampered with things that never complained about the character of his sister, on the contrary, she was She laughs and calls her riotous cats 

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