chapter 4

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4 chapter 

 He rejects what she is doing, but he has no other trick in order to prevent her, he knows her well, she will not listen to him until she achieves what she wants and takes revenge on her sister's killer ، But that did not prevent him from being with him even if he refused what she was doing, but she did not have another person with his life for five years and she is alone and he is beside her refuses to leave her 

 She is the only girlfriend for years and the sister of his late sweetheart, is the remaining memory of him in life from his sweetheart, considered by his family and she also sees him as a brother and friend 

Today is her first real step in the path of revenge, so he is tense since morning, afraid to lose her too

After collecting information about Adam Matthew over five years, some knew about his thinking and his way of life 

 He is a cruel, controlling and selfish person who seeks to fulfill his desires without regard to others or their feelings, just from feelings an unending machine of work ،  Besides, there are stations in his life that are not vague, everyone puts thousands of exclamation points on them without getting a clear answer

Send her a text message for the purpose of reassuring her and then feel stupid, that message may be a source of suspicion about her ، So hurry to wipe it before you see it, Allen, and he stays waiting for a response from her that relaxes her heart, otherwise he will not stay long waiting for the idly hands ،  He will go to his company to check on it and for what happens to happen even if he forces her to return with him by force and for that hateful revenge important to her safety ends, he is not ready for a loss 

As for her in seconds, she managed to turn the roles and turn his tears into resonant laughs ،  Learn its effect on the other, and she stood before him one step away, while standing in front of him, her eyebrows rose in astonishment at her transformation, but as soon as he approached, her perfume broke through his nose, making him in a state of elation 

His narrow eyes examine her face near him and approached more in an attempt to snatch his lips in a kiss, but his rigid features made him retract from a decision after he became a few inches away 

He moderate his stance and returned to an official and his dry and strict speech with her again, as if he were not the same person who almost accepted her for seconds

\"Since it is the first day for you to work here with me, I would like to know some important laws that I do not like to violate and I do not like to repeat a conversation about them again or you have no place here and will I am careful not to have a place in any other company. I want to hear your answer \" 

I looked at it quickly, then a quick answer 

\" Yes sir \"  

Her words may be few and her response to his speech always 

 In the word of my master, which is very happier, it seems to be hidden behind the mask of inertia and hardness, another female who does not look weak as he saw her a little while ago crying without feeling ، And tend to submit and how much he likes 

\" First, there is no room for emotions to work, no tears or pleas 

Second, avoid stirring anger, as the consequences may be severe 

Third, working with me is not limited to dates, you belong to me anytime, anywhere 

Fourth, the most important thing is to you and to manipulate or mess with me, you will inevitably be losing \" 

She kept quiet for seconds, and the other still preserved his facial features as a white page, with no expressions 

He returned to complete his speech addressed to her, after he angered him by hiding the expression of his face, he wanted to see it erupt in front of him, he wanted it fierce as it responded to Lisa 

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