chapter 3

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Chapter 3



Allen laughed at her in a way that stirred the one behind his desk, following her conversation ، And he looks at the features of Allen and his facial expressions, as she has beauty that attracts attention to the side of an aura surrounding her that invites you to approach her like the sunset ، She is a witch with everything in her lips drawn full, inciting to approach them and taste it in a long kiss 

She returned to follow her work, and what Lisa said was not her, and he did not move an inch inside 

Lisa hit her other legs and headed outside, almost screaming at the severity of her anger, wanting to kill one of them until she breathed her anger .

As for him, he used to do his work, and he gave him his full focus. He is used to screaming for women, which is something that invokes his instinct and enhances his self-confidence while increasing his feeling of ecstasy .

As for Ellen, he got a message on his phone, which she preferred not to answer at the moment, until lunch time comes so that she does not raise doubts about her from the first day ، Besides knowing the sender in advance and whoever else is Harry, he is the only one who has been in contact with him for the past five years  

After Lillian's departure, her parents cut off their relationship with her and considered it the reason for her sister's departure ، Their accusation of her was the last thing she expected to be issued by them, she does not deny that she feels guilty about what happened with Lillian  ، She bears herself as part of the responsibility, but accusing her parents of cutting her back, as she expected them to fear for her too and demand that she return to the village with them ،  

 But what happened was the opposite, they refused to come back with them and considered that she too died with Lillian  ،  Besides her mother's direct accusation that she is the reason for everything that happened with her sister and that she was always seeking to get rid of her ،  Because she was pampered her father, unlike her, and that jealousy is what made her leave Lillian without supervision, so that in the end he offered human wolves who violated the sanctity of her body and eventually got rid of her ،  She endured beyond her capabilities, did not defend herself but took silence as a way 

That night after her sister's death is still engraved inside her mind, after the funeral service ended and she received the mourners, she and her parents only stayed inside their house in the village ، Until her mother exploded when she almost stepped into her room, which she and her sister shared for several years before moving together to the city 

She stopped shocked, did not move a finger after hearing the words of her mother, who came down to her ear like a thunderbolt 

\" Allen stopped, that room is no longer yours, and otherwise you are welcome to be there after today \" 

\" Mom, I am your daughter like Lillian \" 

\" You were not like her in a day and it will not be. I once made a mistake and fixed a mistake now I saw her related to you walking behind you like your shadow  ، You wish to become like you, a sun that you seek to reach, and I am silent, I did not know that approaching you means perishing her ، It was I who made your father agree to travel with you and made every effort to return to me in the small end a corpse in a shroud that I could not even see or say goodbye to the last time \" 

\" Mom, if I were a unseen scholar, I would refuse to get Lillian out of you and my father, but it is destiny  \" 

\" Do not dodge until you become the victim, do not play with me because I am your mother, I know you like the palm of my hand, I have always been malevolent about her being the little spoiled house ، Being interested in me and her father, because she is the weakest and always has been a source of fear for us \" 

Mrs. Mary's silence is a little breathed to complete 

\"  Jealousy snatched your heart to decide to be saved from it, and neglected the trust that I swore to protect with the life of the day I decided to follow you, I killed Lillian even if you did not neglect her right ، I killed her when she made him see you like her, I killed her when I sought to achieve your goal and dreams and forgot that there are others that will be affected by your absence and even will demand to catch you ، Your sister Lillian killed your hands dripping her blood, and I shared with you when she agreed to catch you. You no longer have a place here. Go where you decide to stay from the beginning ،  You are no longer welcome to be here, it will only benefit you in front of me to increase the burning of my heart \" 

The minutes passed by everyone with a resident who only heard the breath of the three, evidence that they were alive, and a war of looks between the three of them 

David still does not believe a small death that way, waiting today for each of them to surrender to her husband and reassure them, but not all dreams are achievable ،  Yesterday it was small carrying the grave  .

And now he stands silent, who does not know whether his eldest daughter was neglected against his sister as his wife claims, or is she also wronged, he must protect her so that she does not get the same fate ، It seems that life in that city has a tax that must be paid 

Now he is still under the influence of shock, does not know which decision is correct, and does not want to think that he feels inside a nightmare that he wishes will end, and he has no energy to argue is exhausted ، He feels powerless to blame himself for not being safe 

What is the most difficult feeling of powerlessness and oppression is death alive 

As for her mother, the fire in her chest does not extinguish since she accidentally knew what happened with his daughter before her death, and what she was subjected to rape 

 She does not know why he received the charges against his eldest daughter, but she is painful, she needs another one to bear that heavy weight on her chest ، It is the reason why the little girl left the village to follow the other, as she was always afraid of her, especially with the fragility of her personality, unlike Allen, she is a strong girl who knows what she wants and seeks to achieve dreams ، As for Lillian, she was fascinated by her sister and sees her as a higher example for her, seeking to be like her without paying attention, that in contrast to all attributes she is innocent and very loving, she sees the world from a pink perspective ، And here is the end, a dead body and a lost body returned to it, which it feels is hiding something from it 

Allen went out of the house with a slaughtered spirit from her mother’s words and from her father’s silence when she decided to turn to him, lower his eyesight from her and remain silent 

She returned to the city with a heart bleeding from her sister's separation and her family's rejection of her 

She returned to a reality that she finds standing in front of her with all his prestige and his might supervising her in her session and his hands erasing his tears that do not know where or when they fell ،  Everything you know now sees inside his eyes a shine of joy as if he had a precious treasure and his hand sends a shiver in her body in a way that she has not tested before 

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