chapter 2

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2 chapter 

Adam was sitting behind his desk with all the lameness and calmness of his personal help sitting under his feet 

After what she saw, she became sure that the perpetrator was exercising control over that secretary, he did not leave her room for doubt, all things became clearer 

She possessed herself with difficulty and was able to hide his feelings and emotions, and his face became free from any expression, unlike the war in which she was going on while seeing before her eyes the killer of her sister ، He sits with the utmost might and the other under the dirt while she is still in her early life 

His steps approached his office looking at him directly, and he did not deviate from his eyes to the other, which wishes to breathe the earth to swallow his humiliating situation, but there is no trick in front of it except bowing ، It will not be able to anger him, and the punishment that follows is too weak to bear 

As for Allen, his eyesight remained attached to him, especially his eyes, despite the difficulty of the matter, with his looks covered by it from head to feet ،However, she was able to persist and preserve his features as a rigid face like a stone without expression, until she arrived in front of his office a step away from him ، She gave him a small file containing his CV, after someone told her that she had to present it to her employer

\" Good morning, Mr. Allen David, the new office manager \" 

Although she got the job, she might lose it in one second if she doesn't receive Caesar's acceptance ( Adam Matthew ) as it is called in economic circles 

Moments, years passed, while she was waiting for his decision, but she kept looking more stable, as it seems that he is being tested with her about the strength of her tolerance 

Especially after he set aside her file and started his work as if nothing had happened, not interested in them, whether you sit under his feet or the other that stands before him as rigid as the stone 

As for the other who sits on a land that was stunned by simply hearing the words of that woman, what happened from her until she lost her work with him knowing that she needed 

And how to lose it while satisfying all his desires without rejection or even objection, even if simple, he made her an obedient servant to him and now she is replaced by another ، To here, my palm will not be silent, especially after seeing those soft for her while she is in that embarrassing situation sitting under his feet like slaves 

I adjusted her position, stood on his feet to recognize the face of his new rival ، For two years she has been seeking his proximity, she will not leave everything behind and leave quietly. She allowed him to control her entire life in the hope that his wife or one of his mistress would become and enjoy the money ، It will not allow anyone to take away from it  

\" Whoever said that Caesar needs a new office manager must have made a mistake\" 

She would almost complete her speech had it not been for his fist that extended to his right arm opposite him, pulling him from him with a force that would put her back to her previous position  ، He turned and looked at her after he put it under his feet again, a look that was enough to freeze blood in her veins 

He quickly returned his sight to where he found it standing in front of him as it was fixed. There was no change in its features, as if it were a statue of wax 

Try to quickly remedy the situation to devote itself to the punishment of the other 

Open the Allen file, look at it quickly, then close it 

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