the long ride

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One day father Jim was ridding down a road it was in the middle of nowhere, no nearby house just a road, then as he looked down the road he saw a person asking for a ride and father Jim didn't saw him, so he roll back his car to talk to the men and give him a ride to the city
The man got up from the floor and got into the car and he was at an angel where father Jim couldn't seen his face so they talk about things they can to this point where they started to talk about religion and father Jim was telling the man of how he was the father for a church that was close from the near town and that he would gave his life to Jesus if he needed to so the man got angry and he said to father Jim " I have a loaded gun here behind you" and "park the car on the side and get out and don't look at me or behind ME!!"
So they walk to the nearly side of the road and the guy told the father that he will spare his life if he said that he didn't bealive in Jesus and the father
So he ask " do you belive in Jesus and the father !!" And the father was crying saying " please I don't want to die !!"
So the guy asked again and he said "I will give you 10 seconds"
The father could feel the gun up on his back of his head
The person begun to count
2 .....
And the father with his last words said "NO I DONT BELIVE PLEASE SPARE MY LIFE"

So the man called Jim by his real name and said
- John I love you, I died for you and you were not willing to die for me (the name with tears in his eyes) you know I would never stop loving you , i have being there by your side from the moment you were born, you are my bother and will always be with you, don't say things without being sure-

Then father Jim closes his eyes for a seconds to wipe the tears filling his eyes and the person is gone there is just a flower in the side of the road and he know something is not right so he goes to his car and see the car his are done he turns around to see around the road to find someone but there is no one just him and then a car comes crashing into him and then he goes into this coma and then wakes up and he thinks it was a dream but he feels something in his hand and it was a rose
So he looks out at the window and looks at everything and he sees a little kid and they both smile at each other and the same feeling comes back to him from what he felted when the person was with him and he closes his eyes and his eyes opens and so those the sky and smiles forever

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