Late at night

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You were currently sleeping, dreaming about life and how good it could be. Then you felt someone on top of you. You moan as they kiss your neck. Then you wake up.

Your pov
"Levi?" I ask in a tired voice "what are you doing being up so late at night?" "I want you" he said with lust present in his voice.
"Do you know how late it is?!" I yell/whisper.
"And do you know how much my pants are bothering me?" He asks back.
I look down at his pants and with the little moon light that I have, I see a big bulge in his pants. I gulp.

I look back at him and he smirks at me.

Levi's pov
I smirk at the beautiful form under me and I start kissing her neck. Then I whisper in her ear "your so damn beautiful"

She shivers under my touch as I take off her clothes.

I stare at the naked girl beneath me. She says in the cutest voice "s-stop staring at me" I give her a soft, loving smile, catching her off guard.

Your pov
Levi smiles at me. I'm kinda shocked, he usually has a straight face all the time. Then out of no where he shoves a finger in my woman hood. I let out a loud moan and I look up at him. He still smiling but then that smile turned into a smirk 'so that's why he was smiling at me. To catch me off guard!' I thought to myself. I let out another long moan as he curls his fingers at a fast pace. "Ah levi" I yell but before I could cum he takes his fingers out. I whine and he smirks. He then attacks my neck leaving love bites here and there. I shiver as he runs his hand up and down my torso. "l-levi" I moan "please". "What do you want (y/n)?" He whispers huskily in my ear. I squirm and rub my legs together, trying to tame the unbearable feeling.

"Ugh I want you. I want you in me now!!" I yell. He smirks in approval and rips off all of my clothes. I gasp at the sudden action.
As he takes off his clothes he looks at me, never breaking eye contact with my body. He then crawls on top of me and shoves his full length in me. "AH!" I yell at the sudden pain and I shut my eyes as tears form.

Levi's pov
I see her crying and I feel bad but the feeling of her around me makes me want to lose control. I whisper in her ear "everything's going to be fine. The pain will go away soon."
She nods her head and opens her eyes. I see her eyes are full of lust. She bucks her hips and I start thrusting in and out of her at a slow pace as I let out small moans. Ok
Reader-Chans pov
I moan loudly as he pumps in and out of me. Next thing I know he exists me. "L-Levi AHHH!" I yell as he slams back into me. After about a minute I feel a tightness in my lower stomach. "Levi I feel like I'm about t-to" "me too" he replies.

You both fun at the same time and collapse. "I love you so much." Levi said but I was already asleep. We fell asleep in each other's arms.

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