Chapter 35 - The Uncertain Job

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"Right?! I'm excited!"

"I bet you are!" I grinned.

"I so am!" he smiled with his eyes closed.

I froze in spot and just noticed that my hands are in his big ones. They were really warm and soft , yet gentle. A small smile tugged on my lips as I kept staring at the White Dragon Slayer who seemed to be waiting for an answer but saw that he peeped one eye open.

"Cee-chan?" he asked softly, which I jerked in surprise and stared down at our hands while blushing. It seems that he followed my stare to his clasped hands around my small ones and jumped in slight surprise before quickly letting go of my hands.

"S-Sorry! I guess I got uh.. carried away." he said sheepishly while running a hand in his blond hair.

"I-It's okay... I'm just glad that you're happy and pumped up for this event. You've changed since the Grand Magic Games..." I blurted and my blushed deepened in a darker shade.

"T-Thanks... it makes me happy too since you're here to help...and I've changed? Better or for worse" he blushed as well making it awkward between us, once again.

"Uh... for the better...?" I shyly muttered but he caught on with what I said because of his Dragon Slayer perks.


"S-So... about those plans." I started trying to break the upcoming tension between us that would cloud up within a few minutes. I knew that both him and me wouldn't want that.

"Oh y-yeah! Well I need my chef.. well you, Cee-chan, to make at least 150 different platters of food, if you can... I'll try to help if you want!" he smiled.

"150 platters huh? Doesn't seem to be that hard to do! For sure you can help... do you have any experience in cooking?" I asked curiously.

"Sort of... I can try to help out with whatever you need."

"Sure! I don't mind at all." I smiled and saw him to blush.

"When do you need them by?" I added in.

"By the day after tomorrow..." he slowly said. My ears perked up and did I just hear right?! 150 different platters cooked and baked within a day or two?! Seems impossible to do!

"I know! So sorry that it's all of a sudden, but I would do anything in my power to help you out!" he chuckled nervously.

"Well then let's get started! Do you have any groceries with you?" I asked while getting up from my chair, walking over to his kitchen cabinet.

"Uh...about that..." he sweat dropped. Cocking my head to the side I wondered what he meant, but as soon as I opened up the pantry there was only a box of cereal and a box of cookies.

"S-Sting-kun... what's the meaning of this? Don't you ever eat?!" I gasped with slight concern.

"I can explain!"

"Explain." I said sternly as I folded my arms over my bust.

"Well... after the Grand Ball.. things got sort of hectic and I haven't always been here at home."


"Let's just say that I... became the master of Sabertooth..." he grinned while scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.

"Wait... you're telling me that you haven't been at home and eating properly because your stuck at the guild doing Master duties?" I said in disbelief at his lifestyle.

"Y-You could s-say that..." he squirmed in his seat.

"NANI?!" I shouted making him to twitch at my high pitched voice.

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