The Ashen Man

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Have you at any point in your life been bullied? Been ridiculed, pushed around and haunted by someone who simply is too thick-headed to mind his own business? I know I have. And if you are like me, you most likely plotted a somewhat cruel plan of revenge, to put your bully in his place once and for all. Maybe you plotted to beat him up, show an awkward picture of your bully to everyone or destroy one of his belongings. However, like me, you probably never actually did such a thing, because you were most likely afraid of being confronted by either the bully, a teacher etc.

If you ask one of your friends or someone in your family on how to stop being bullied by someone, they will most likely say "endure it" or "ignore them, you are better than them". Sure, you might be better than them, but that doesn't make you feel any better, now does it? Well, there is a way to put your bully in his place, and you won't even have be in the same country as them for this.

Steal his money and his identity? Kidnap someone in his family? Send an assassin to kill him anonymously? No, you wouldn't want to break the law just to put someone in his place. Well, truth be told, you will -kind of- send an assassin. But he is no ordinary assassin, because you won't be able to contact him through the use of a phone, the internet or a mailbox. You will have to contact him through a ritual. The ritual has many names, but are most often known as "The Mortal and the Grey" or "The Ashen Man".


Now, before you do this ritual, here are some warnings: If you feel that your bully deserves a second chance, don't do this. If you are strongly religious and plan to be virtuous, don't do this. If you have a phobia of ghosts or apparitions, don't do this. If you sometimes have "crazy thoughts" or "crazy ideas", don't do this for the sake of everything you love. Also, I recommend you to never do any form of ritual without thinking it over for at least a week. Meddling with spirits is no light matter.

To prepare the ritual, you will need the following items: A silver cross (not necessarily a christian cross, as long as it is in fact a cross, and made of real silver) , a hooded robe (a simple bathrobe with a sewed-on hood will do, doesn't need to look authentic) "burnable" material (logs or paper works good) and a few matches or a lighter. You should also carry with you a fire extinguisher. Safety, and all that. A good memory is also recommended.

The Ritual

Note: Doing anything of these things wrong won't kill you, but it will render the whole ritual useless.

To begin, I recommend you do this ritual at night, and somewhere where nobody will find or expect you to be. A forest is recommended. And if it doesn't seem obvious, you should be alone, so you won't have to worry that anyone tells the police. Don't trust your friend even if your friend or family member "promises" to "not tell anyone". They will change their mind after the ritual is complete. Also, don't forget to wear the hooded robe at all times during the ritual, no matter how much you don't want to.

Use the "burnable" material to make a small pile, and then hide the silver cross in it. Set fire to the pile, and wait until it extinguishes. It is important that you do not do ignore the fire by, for example, use your cell phone or listening to music. The Ashen Man knows when you are watching, and when you are not. As the fire burns, you will take notice that the fire lets out an astonishing amount of smoke, which is a sign that the Ashen Man is watching you.

When the fires have been extinguished by themselves (it is important you don't extinguish it by your own means) you can begin the ritual. Pick up some ash, enough for your hand to be filled. Stand up straight, and chant these sentences 4-6 times (you must remember them by memory, not by paper):

The Grey Chant

"Man of Ash, Prayer and Will",

"Against Myself, my Kin wants ill",

"Aid me please, our Ashen Man ",

"While You are Here , While You still Can"

Now you must blow out the ash in front of you. If you have done everything correctly, there should appear a silhouette of a someone. When the ash fades, you will see that it is a man. The man is wearing a grey hooded robe with a brown rope around his waist, like that of a stereotypical monk or friar of medieval culture. His face is beautiful, having a strong chin and a straight nose, yet you cannot see his eyes due to his hood. He carries a stubble and wears a christian silver cross around his neck. You also note that he has a dagger attached to the rope around the waist, but don't worry; he doesn't have to use it anymore.

He will ask you what you want from him. You must say:

"I want you to purify those who have and who will sin upon me, brother".

He seems to accept your offer, but before he does so, he demands you to speak after him. What he will say is, well, a line from the Bible which praises God, and since there are many which do so, he seldom uses only one. After you repeat what he told you to, he will say "I will watch upon you, brother. I swear it". Then he suddenly disappears.

The Result

The thing with the Ashen Man is that he is not a murderer, nor an assassin. He is, well... You could say a torturer and a stalker, but also a blesser. Let me explain:

Your bully will not die from this ritual, but instead, the moments before the bully has his certain death coming, he will be tortured and will start hallucinating from what appears to be an unknown and sourceless poison. The pain will make him beg for death and he will try to cut and rip off his own limbs and facial features, as part of the hallucinations tell him that it will "ease the pain".

But the hallucinations... They are the true torture. He will begin seeing his worst nightmare come to life, see his family and friends be mentally and physically tortured. The hallucinations and pains seem to last for years for their victim, while they really last for a few minutes. But the last thing he will see... That is the stuff of nightmares. The last thing he sees in his now pitiful life... Is you. He sees you the way you looked when you bullied him. The only thing is that he sees your eyes as if they were two holes leading to the abyss. While he sees you stare at him, he will hear a choir chanting "This is how it feels. This... is what you deserve". By now, your bully will most likely scream in true terror, right before dying. The ones abducting the bully will not find a trace of poisoning or anything alike. They will only find what caused his actual death, not why he was tortured.

But you are somewhat of a victim too, if you did the ritual. You will sometimes hear him whispering his dark thoughts into your head, which sometimes inspire you to want to hurt other people. He will also grant you the knowledge of what he does to his victims. But you are also blessed, knowing that anyone who messes with you will be tortured by the Ashen Man, thus knowing that they should fear you.

Unless... They called the Ashen Man upon you, that is.

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