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Part 56: Race to Castle Esperance






            All I can hear is the thunderous sound of hooves pounding against grass as Reegan and I make our way towards the burning city of Esperance. The horse I chose back at the dungeon is a soft brown mare with dark eyes that seem to view the world with more knowledge than any man could ever possess. She has no problem with making it down the treacherous slopes that lead to the royal city.

            A bit farther behind, Reegan and his grey-spotted mare just manage to keep pace with us. The footprints left behind by the giants prove to be the most difficult obstacle for the horses; in some places, the earth has sunken in at least six feet. We guide our horses around these humongous holes and continue on.

            With every stride my horse takes, it gets harder and harder for me to keep up the false bravery I've put on. One of my hands release the horse's reins to swipe at my teary eyes.

            Am I doing the right thing? Leaving Zenobia behind to head into a city that's surely destined to fall, a city that's proclaimed loud and clear that she and I are not welcome.... Maybe I've been too hasty in my decision-making.

            "We'll be at the city soon!" I hear Reegan call from over my shoulder.

            I grab back onto the reins tightly as my resolve steels once more.

        What I'm doing is something that must be done. Right now, Reegan and I may be the only two people that can save the kingdom of Esperance. If we can make it to the castle before the creatures, the royal family will have an ample amount of time to dispatch their knights. I plan on fighting beside them to protect the kingdom, no matter how foolish Reegan may think that choice is.

            As we draw closer and closer to the burning city, another thought hits me, one that I'm ashamed of. Helping the citizens and warning the royal family are my main reasons for returning to the city, that's true, but there is another reason that I neglected to tell the others because of my embarrassment.

            I want to see her. I want to see which girl Prince Charming chose to be his bride.

            It's an awful, selfish reason and I'm still angry with myself for caring, but I have to know. I want to see this girl with my own eyes so that I can know, truly know, and then I can let go of him.  When Reegan said the Prince had taken himself a wife, it hurt me more than I thought it would. It felt as if someone snatched away my dreams right from beneath my nose without so much as a warning.

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