Chapter Six

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Chapter 6

Emilia POV

"How long have you two been dating again?" Alicia asked, slightly disgusted. She was just jealous of course, that Robbie and I were so powerfully and physically connected.

"Two and a half weeks tomorrow," I said promptly, turning back to gaze adoringly into Robbie’s gorgeous eyes. He smiled a small smile at me before he began to look around our small group of friends. Stacia was strumming her guitar, humming under breath; Alicia was flirting with the guys, as was Claudia and Natasha. Braiden, however, who was supposed to be sitting with us today, was nowhere to be found. Stacia hardly seemed to be bothered; she was more interested in her stupid guitar and the dumb Gala event that she would be singing at with my boyfriend.

"Wanna go down to the sports center?" Robbie asked, a husky note to his voice. I smiled, behind the sports center is where everyone goes to make-out and it’s where the teachers don’t lurk.

"Sure," I replied seductively. I was a bit curious though, because last time we were down there he didn’t seem very into it, which was rather disappointing. Robbie stood up and then offered a hand out to me and pulled me up, we began to walk away. "Cya’s later," I called over my shoulder.

"Wait!" I heard Stacia call, I stopped reluctantly and looked back to where she was sitting, her guitar poised in her lap.

"Yeah?" I asked impatiently.

"Robbie, what do you think of this?" Then she began to sing in her beautiful, harmonious voice and played her instrument, she was singing her part of their duet and I had heard the song a million times, it never sounded any different each time she sung it, but whatever.

When she was done Robbie pursed his adorable lips and seemed to consider it before his expression cleared. "You’re still missing the note it the bridge but other than that you have pretty much nailed in," he replied seriously.

"It sounded great, Stace, c’mon, let’s go," I said pulling on Robbie’s hand to get him moving. We continued on to retrace the few steps we had earlier and then made our way to back of the sports center. Already there were about four couple in the different niches entwined with one another. Looking out over the expanse of dry grass and shrubbery, I sincerely hoped that Robbie would prefer to sit/stand nearer to the sports center itself.

He led me past two of the loving couples, glancing at them briefly, then we past the last two and I noticed the girl from my drama class who I recall to be a total slut, I almost snorted in derision.

Coming to a small concreted section next to the center Robbie sat down and pulled me onto his lap with a rather resigned look on his face. Was I really that bad of a kisser?

Just as I was about to make the first move another couple rounded the corner and I turned to glance at them in curiosity. They were laughing and flirting and I swear I recognized the man, he looked really familiar. However, he and his girl turned and sat down too far away for me to get a good look at him. I turned back to Robbie and shook it off, who cares whether I know him or not when I had my gorgeous man here with me?

About twenty minutes later the bell rang and Robbie shifted me off him instantly and stood, pulling me up with him. He had been rather despondent all break and it was rather off-putting, quite the mood killer, so I was glad however that the lunch was over. As we passed that couple that had come in just after us I glanced at them and almost tripped over my own feet in surprise. There, sitting there, kissing another girl, quite passionately I might add, was Braiden. The Braiden who is supposedly going out with my best friend who I could bet my new shoes is still sitting with our friend playing that damned guitar.

"Braiden!" I exclaimed in shock.

The couple broke apart and Robbie came back to where I was standing after walking a few paces ahead. "Shit!" Braiden cried. "Its not what it looks like?" he said lamely.

"What the fuck are you doing? You are with Stacia!" I yelled at him. How dare he cheat on my best friend? I stalked away from him, pulling Robbie with and I went straight back to where our friends were sitting, the whole time Braiden stumbled after me trying to talk to me and Robbie just followed along, seemingly stunned.

Once I reached our group, huffing away I was, I spoke directly to Stacia. "Can I have a word?"




Yeah, I know short chapter, and I haven’t updated in ages. But I really dislike writing from Emilia’s point of view, however it will make the rest of the story flow better. Anyway. I should be updating Uncovering Xander within the next month depending on how many assignments I have. Bare with me, I am just trying to recover from the shock of entering senior schooling.

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