Chapter 18

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Author's Note: We're about half way through. I have to say, I've been planning the rest of the novel and it's shaping up nicely. There will be a few surprises and ups and downs to expect. But all good novels have them. I'm actually taking a romance writing class, and studying all the elements of romance. It's been helpful to know what needs to be fine tuned. You all get to benefit since I'm applying it into my current projects. This is a pivotal chapter. I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 18

Peter's POV

I awoke with my eyes opening onto Julie lying next to me. She looked happy and at peace asleep. I sat up on my elbow and stroked her hair. I remembered the curves of her body from last night, the feel of her under me as we made love to each other. The closeness shared was wordless bliss. I wanted to take her in my arms and shield her from everything. Make her mine for as long as I could. Dare I thought it? Forever?

She moved as I nestled my fingers in her hair, curling the end with my fingers.

She opened her eyes and smiled at me. "Good morning."

I sighed at her voice. "Good morning." I couldn't resist her lips. I leaned forward and kissed her. "It's already off to a good start."

"Yes, it is." She cuddled up to me, and I took her into my arms. I could feel her head resting against my chest. I felt complete. Whole. I wanted this moment to last.

She moved, looking up at me. "Do you want some coffee?"

"Yes, I could use some."

"I can't function without any. But today, I have a lot of energy for some reason." She kissed me, and slid out of the bed to the coffee pot in the room. I watched her move, with my dress shirt on from last night. I watched her stumble, and she threw one of her shoes off to the side. "I guess we didn't worry about where we flung things last night." She winked at me as she turned back to her barista operations. I couldn't get enough of her in my clothes, filling them with curves that I wanted to feel again.





"How many packs?"


"You like it sweet?"


She turned and looked at me with the cute pout she liked to flash. "I know you like it sweet. I should have guessed you'd like your coffee like me." I watched her turn with both cups in her hands, and walk towards me. She leaned onto the bed, sitting with her legs under her, balancing the cups and handing me one. "This one has just two packs."

"How many do you take?"

Her eyes looked up from behind her cup. "Three."

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