Chapter 6- Our Kind of Date

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February 14
Berkeley School
The Gym


Apparently, white, pink and red are the colors for the day. Little heart balloons seemed to be the thing too. I leaned back on one corner of the wall and sipped the alcoholic punch that’s been handed to me.

I’m back in Aurea’s school and in this so called Valentine’s Dance. The tickets said that the theme is Retro Night. I don’t even know what the hell that means so I called Eros again. He laughed and told me he’d meet me and that he had the perfect clothes.

And now, three hours later, here I am. I am dressed in sky blue pants that were fitted at my thighs but flared out at my legs. It looked ridiculous. But what looked even more ridiculous was that I was wearing this white long-sleeved shirt with a weird-looking collar. Over that, I wore a vest with lots of circles in it in different colors. I think all the colors of the rainbow was in that vest.

I shivered when I looked at it but Eros told me that it was the fashion of that decade. Seeing that outfit at Eros’ hand made me glad that I missed out on that entire decade by spending it in the cave. Eros begged and cajoled and I ended up wearing the eyesore of an outfit.

Eros topped it off by placing a dark brown circlet on top of my head. It had a braided design to it and fell just on top of my brows. Then he slipped a necklace on my neck. It had a round pendant with the letter ‘Y’ inside it. Eros told me it symbolized peace. Yeah well, whatever. The outfit was finished with dark brown boots that matched the color of my headband.

The moment I walked out, Eros’ face turned red. Then he clutched the table beside him, and burst out laughing. He did that for over ten minutes while I stood there glaring at him. If he was a mortal, he’d be dead by now.

When his fits of laughter was done, he apologized and drove me here. And here I am... Scanning the place for any sign of Aurea. For the past thirty minutes, I’ve been doing that... But I haven’t seen her beautiful face anywhere. I thought that I would look ridiculous. That my outfit would be the most hideous thing here but I was wrong. There are a lot more disturbing things I’ve seen here.

A girl in a neon-pink short dress with platform high-heels and sunglasses stopped and looked at me. Then she lowered her glasses and peeked at me through them.

“Hey, it’s you! Aurea’s boyfriend!” she exclaimed. I recognized her as one of the two girls in the booth earlier.

I coughed and inclined my head. I reached for her hand and kissed it like a gentleman always should. “You’re really sweet! You’re like from another century with that chivalry thing” she said and giggled some more.

I stiffened at what she said. Is kissing a woman’s hand not common practice anymore? I made a mental note to ask Eros about these kinds of things. I must learn how to blend in better.

“My name is Thanatos...” I told her. She giggled some more. “I’m Lyn. I’m Aurea’s friend. Cool name. You’re named after that Death God from our mythology class.”

I stiffened some more and I tried to keep my eyes from widening or from showing any kind of reaction. Instead, I just smiled. “I know. A lot of people tell me that. It’s a unique name. Have you seen Aurea?” I asked her.

Her brows creased over with confusion. “I thought that the two of you would be coming together... Since, you know, you’re dating and all that.”

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