How you met (Y/l/p) stands for your local pub

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You are hurrying along the street trying to get to work, when you see a guy with curly brown hair sauntering down the street. You pull your beanie into the correct place.
"Hi." He says and opens his coat . You realise he's naked. You hear someone singing I don't care.
"Keep moving." You laugh and hurry along.
"Wait." He grins running after you. This time his coat closed.
"What?" You ask.
"You're really pretty. Can I call you sometime?" He bats his eyes.
"Ok. I'm y/n." You say writing down your number on a piece of paper.
"I'm Joe Trohman." he blushes. "I call you later." he smiles and goes on showing people what was under his coat. You laugh and run to work.

You sit at the bar at (y/l/p). A man, who has black hair, comes in an sits next to you. You sip your drink.
"What is a pretty girl like you doing here?" He asks you.
"Drinking." you reply he laughs.
"That's obvious. I'm pete." he holds out his hand.
"Y/n." you shake it. He smiles.
"That's a pretty name for a beautiful girl like you."
"Thanks I think." You smile.
"Can I hang out with you sometime?" He asks. You nod and hand him your number. Then the two of you spend the whole night talking.

You run into the recording studio. Late for your own recording. Not a good start to the day. A guy with fedora comes out of the room you need to be in. Unfortunately you crash into him.
"I'm so sorry." You say helping him up.
"Don't sweat it." He laughs standing up. "Holy smokes, I should apologise. I'm Patrick." He says holding out his hand. You shake it and say "I'm y/n."
"That's a cool name." He nods. "Can I call you some time?" He blushes.
"Yeah." you say and give him your number before going into the recording room. You hear a wolf whistle. And Patrick shouting. You smile and begin to sing.

You see a guy with ginger hair running away from some crazy people. He seems desperate to lose them. You grab his hand and pull him into the backstreet. "thank you so much." he says, you release his hand. "No problem." you shrug before realising the man you saved was none other than the Andy Hurley. "I'm Andy." He says.
"Y/N." you nod.
"That's a beautiful name." he smiles. You blush and turn your head to see if anyone was waiting outside of the street. "Can I call you sometime?" He asks. You nod and hand him your number. He smiles and says, "I'll call you later then." He disappears into the Main Street. And you smile and walk to your house. He calls you 15 minutes later.

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