Harry Dirty Imagine - Hot Tub

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I'm going back and adding an introduction to each of my chapters in hopes that if you actually think of the person behind these imagines, you will be generous enough to vote or comment and let me know what I'm doing right or wrong. Thank you.

I hope you, yes you reading this is a Harry Styles fan, and that you like hot tubs. If you do, then you will enjoy this imagine.

peace out home dawgs.

-Lexi out. xoxox


You were with your friend Harry on a reasonably warm spring night.

You were looking for something for the two of you to do.

“Why don’t we go out to the hot tub?”  Harry asked.

“Okay I’ll go get in my bikini.” You replied before leaving to go change into your bikini.

When you got out there Harry was already in the hot tub. He gave you a coy smile, which you ignored and hopped into the hot water.

“You got out here quickly.” You said looking at Harry suspiciously.

He giggled. “Yeah I didn’t change into anything.”

Your face turned to pure shock. You slowly looked down and saw that there wasn’t any clothing on Harry’s lower region, and he was hard.

“You look really good in that bikini.” He whispered into your ear seductively. “But I’m sure you agree it’s too hot to be wearing that. You should take it off.”

Harry started nibbling and sucking at the sweet spot on your neck while you did as he asked and removed your bikini top.

You climbed onto Harry’s lap as his eyes roamed over your naked torso hungrily.

“You look so hot.” He said almost drooling.

You crashed your lips to harry’s and kissed him aggressively. His tongue explored every part of your mouth while his hands massaged your breasts. You moaned into his mouth and you could feel his lips curve into a smile.

You climbed off his lap and removed your bikini bottoms before hopping back on his lap and hovering above his shaft.

“Do it.” Harry begged.

You put your hands on Harry’s shoulders to steady yourself and slowly lowered yourself onto his length.

You bounced up and down faster. Harry leaned his back on the edge of the hot tub and his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

Harry started thrusting his hips up towards yours.

His length was hitting your G-spot with every thrust. And the churning sensation in your stomach was about to explode.

“Harry..I’m..g..going..” Harry shushed you by crashing his lips to yours.

You couldn’t keep it in any longer and came on his length. Harry came too, and you stayed on his lap panting.

“Thank you.” Harry whispered between breaths.

“Anytime.” You laughed.


Sorry if this was really bad!

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