Chapter 10: The mixed signals

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We're going to play with water balloons." You said, gaining attention from people.

"And we're going to be divided into groups." You added.

"Aomine-cchi and Kagami-cchi can be the captains." Kise grinned and you nodded.

"Who gets to pick first?" Riko asked and the two block-heads shouted "ME!" at the same time.

"Ughhh! We need to decide it in the most definite and fair way. WE WILL PLAY 'THE GAME'. It is the GAME OF JUSTICE. GAME OF CHANCE. GAME OF DECISION, THE GAME OF TRUTH, THE GAME O-" Riko announced proudly as if she just solved how to clear jerks off the face of earth.

You were of course, interested in what the game would be about, seeing Riko announce like that.

-30 seconds later-

"Rock paper scissors." Aomine and Kagami muttered before putting out their hands. Not exactly what you had in mind for the 'GAME OF JUSTICE, THE GAME OF CHANCE and whatsoever' but that still solved the problems, so yeah.

Aomine won the game, rocks beat scissors. He thought about it for a while. He smirked and picked Kuroko. Kagami just frowned. Well, apparently because he lost his chance to get the invisible boy who could throw water balloons at people without them noticing.

Kagami smirked. "You know, I think I'll pick..." His eyes lingered on you for a moment. Uh oh.

'Would it be bad if I said I wanted to be on Aomine's group?' You thought, then mentally face-palmed yourself. 'Tell me I just did not think that. I DID?! GOD.'

"Uh guys, I need to go to toilet. I'll be right back. Kagami-kun. You can choose ahead." You reported, jogging off back into the house.

'I'll just come back when Kagami finishes choosing and it's Aomine's turn to pick' You thought.

"Actually, [Name]-san. I choose you in my group." Kagami yelled just as you were about to enter the kitchen. You froze.

'Ugh. Why is Kagami so dumb yet smart in most useless areas?'

You walk back to the field. Well, it's useless going to the toilet to fake pee when you're already chosen in the group.

"I thought you were going to the toilet, [Name]-cchi?" Kise asked.

"No, actually... Just forget it. I was about to, but I realized I didn't need to." You replied, getting a 'I know what you did there' smile from Momoi.

The teams ended up this way:

Team 1 – Aomine, Kuroko, Momoi, Murasakibara.

Team 2 – Kagami, Kise, You, Riko

"Well, this is interesting."

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