11 - Meeting My Fairy Tale Princess

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Meeting My Fairy Tale Princess

It is a nasty rainy morning when I stop by the Starbucks on Michigan Avenue for a quick coffee. I have been living in Chicago for a little over five months but have mostly kept to myself though I have made a few friends since I started DePaul four weeks ago. City life is really hard in comparison to Quantico and it took me some time to get used to living on my own.

My mother never showed me how to cook - after all, that's a woman's job - but I fixed myself a few times dinner from recipes of the internet. Usually I eat out or grab something from the college cafeteria before going home. Cleaning has been easier since I always tidied up my own room back home but keeping the bathroom spotless has been a challenge. It's gross having to scrub the toilet and the gunk off the tiles and I miss my mom who used to do these things for me.

Hopefully, I would find some girl soon who will move in with me eventually so I can dump all these tasks on her. My father is right - housework is just beneath any men. I wonder how women can even like that stuff but I guess it's just something that comes natural to them like changing diapers and cleaning up baby vomit.

I am at the side counter adding sugar to my latte when I see her. She runs down the sidewalk, trying desperately to shield herself from the rain with very little success. I chuckle, she is so cute with a small, delicate frame and long blond hair, wearing some type of a school uniform with a knee long skirt and stockings. I hope she will come inside the shop.

When she enters, she shakes the raindrops off her hair and I laugh at the sight. Her head snaps up and I am greeted by scolding crystal blue eyes that still can't hide their softness. She reminds me so much of my mom, it's not even funny.

"Maybe next time, you should try an umbrella," I tease which earns me a close inspection. Her gaze turns curious and she seems to like what she sees. The feeling is mutual, I have rarely met a girl more gorgeous than her though she seems a little young - maybe fifteen or so. She has this innocence to her when her cheeks blush lightly which is absolutely adorable.

"Well, sir, if you knew anything about Chicago, you'd know that it's also nicknamed the 'Windy City'. You don't get far here with an umbrella."

Her attempt to be witty is hilarious and I decide to play along. "Sir? That's something you'd call my father. Do I look that old to you?"

"Ancient," she says. I can barely stifle a laugh at her cute reply.

She is definitely someone I would like to get to know. "I just moved here a few months ago and go to DePaul. Since I'm obviously clueless about this town, maybe you could become my tour guide and give me a crash course on its customs."

She bites her bottom lip which is kind of sexy and makes me wonder how it would feel to kiss her.

"Well, rule number one, you don't make fun of girls in coffee shops."

Though is it probably meant as a brushoff, the sparkle in her eyes suggests that she is relishing my attention.

I decide to move into flirt mode. "Even cute ones you try to get to know?"

This time, her face could easily compete with a tomato. She can't have a lot of experience with guys.

"What's your major?"

I am glad she took the bait, all interested in me now. "Psychology." She twitches under my gaze, maybe she thinks I am already in my twenties. "I'm a freshman and only look old. I'm actually just seventeen."

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