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The writers express appreciation to the following persons who have inspired us to make this story.

To the makers of dream high, Park Jin-young and etc. you have inspired us with your work.

To IU(Pil Sook) and Wooyoung (Jason), for making the milky couple succesful by portraying the right emotions.

And lastly to God Almighty, for immeasurable gifts that He had given us-most importantly the gift of knowledge and understanding which enabled us to push through this story.


The bite-size story of the "Milky Coupple" at the show "Dream High" make us---want some more---.. ♥!!!

We made this story to satisfy our thirst for the "Milky Couple". If you don't know anything about the "Milky Couple" try watching "Dream High" at www.epdrama.com .------>http://www.epdrama.com/drama/dream-high/...


>>This story is to show L-O-V-E to the "Milky Couple" so we will try our best to bring justice to the "Milky Couple"

♥-----Min Rin & Ri Yeon-----♥


>>no silent readers..please.....

>>please leave a comment as you read the story!! ♣☺♣


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