Let's Hop Like Bunnies ;D Chapter 8

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Hi! :D Just a random thought that came to mind, but does anyone else find it weird how two and three both start with a T and how four and five start with an F and how six and seven start with an S? I feel sorry for the other numbers because they don’t get paired off like the other six numbers do. It’s like there are four single people and there are three couples around them making them feel bad.

Anyways, here’s the story! Enjoy :D

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Chapter eighteen minus ten (eight for those who don’t like math :])

Angel’s POV

I felt myself being shaken by something and to be honest, it was pissing me off. “Angel, wake up! It’s time for school! Come on! I have two other not so morning people to wake up!” my mother said desperately. I felt the shaking stop and I started to slip back into my own little dream world. All of a sudden, I felt a force fall onto the bed and the force from that bounced me off the bed. “Oh my goodness  Angel! Are you okay baby? I didn’t think that it would have enough force to actually throw you off the bed!”

I uttered some nonsense and she chuckled. “Okay then, you better get up then since you’re already on the floor. I made you some waffles so go downstairs and eat once you’re done taking a shower and stuff.” Once she closed the door, I closed my eyes again and tried to fall back asleep. I say tried because then I felt a jolt of pain spring up my leg. What the hell? I looked down and saw my textbook underneath my leg. Oh…so that’s what’s making me hurt…eh whatever. I dropped my head onto the floor and that was a really stupid thing of me to do. The wound on the back of my head started throbbing and I clutched at it.

The pain finally subsided after about a minute and I relaxed. Well, now I was fully awake so I might as well get ready. I rolled until I finally reached my closet and then got up. I grabbed a pair of my grey jeans and a black shirt with white designs and a black and blue checkered sweater and then rolled over to my drawer and grabbed some black socks and a pair of boxer briefs with Legend of Zelda designs. I got up and opened my door and then let my body fall.

“Ah! Angel! Are you okay? Don’t die on me!” my little sister Alecia shrieked in horror as she ran over to me frantically. She lifted my face up so I could see her and I saw tears flood her hazel eyes. “Are you okay big brother?”

“Yeah. Why are you freaking out anyway? I just didn’t want to get up so I fell down on purpose,” I asked.

Anger washed over her features and I actually started to get scared honestly. “You stupid girl! Do you know how worried I got? I could almost kill you right now because I’m so mad!”

I glared at her and scrambled to my feet as she did the same. “I am NOT a girl!” I yelled at her.

“Yes you are! You cross dress as a bunny-girl don’t you?” she said as she placed a hand on her hip.

“Oh hell nah! You did not just go there girlfriend. Adrian! Hold my shit,” I yelled as I kicked off my slippers. My brother came out glaring and approached both of us. He raised both his hands and Alecia’s head and mine collided together. “Ow! What the heck was that for?” I complained as I clutched the back of my head.

“Yeah what the piggy’s butt Adrian?” Alecia agreed as she massaged her head.

“Both of you shut up and do something about them big old nappy ass weaves of yours! They be looking like shit!” Adrian said as he went back into his room and slammed the door.

“My weave is not nappy,” Alecia grumbled under her breath. I tried my best not to laugh, but I ended up snickering and she turned to me. “What the heck do you think is so funny, huh cross dresser?” My jaw just fell open and I stared at her in disbelief. “Close your mouth before a bee goes in.”

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