Grumpy x Flirty Love Trope (SFW)

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You loathed everyone in the world.

Well.. except for this one guy.

You just disliked him.

He was always so flirty with you and he made you feel things that you don't understand.

"Hey gorgeous. How're ya?" He said as he suddenly pinned you against the wall, looking down at you, face awfully close to yours.

You glared at him, cheeks tinted red because of the proximity.

"Ooooh you wanna kiss me so bad. I can see it in your eyes." He made kissy faces to tease you.

"What do you want, dumb*ss?" You grumbled, ignoring what he said.

"You." He smirked.

"Well then, you can kiss my *ss goodbye, you weirdo." You remarked as you tried to push him away.

"I'll gladly kiss your *ss but I ain't saying goodbye, dear." He chuckled as he watched you struggle to get out of his grip.

"G-go f*ck yourself!" You yelled.

"Only if you watch me of course." He wiggled his eyebrows.

"I- I hate you!" You said as you finally pushed him off. You ran, leaving him fallen on the floor.

"I love you!" He called as he stood up and watched your running figure disappear.

"And I'll make sure you'll believe me." He smiled.

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