White Wolf - part 10

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anything about it. He was very surprised by her answer and eventually asked Two Moons if it was true that the married couples were suddenly very passionate with each other and preferred to enjoy a night inside their tepees. Two Moons then told him about John's advice and the older Chief didn't know what to say. He looked a bit stunned but said "Two Moons have you followed the White Wolf's advice on these delicate matters?" The younger chief replied "yes my Chief I have done so and I can recommend it, my wife is the happiest I have ever known her to be and the same is true for many of the other wives." On hearing this, the old wise Chief was lost deep in thought for a long while.

The following day while he and the White Wolf soaked lazily in the hot water pools, he broached the subject with John. "my friend and son-in-law I have heard rumours about you giving advice to some of the warriors in our tribe about a sensitive topic, is this really true?" John was a bit concerned by this sudden question from his wife's father. "Little Wolf you have heard right, it is true that some of your warriors have asked me about sexual things. I have simply told them what I know myself; I haven't made out to be the great lover and I hope this giving of advice won't come between you and me." The Chief was quick to ease John's worry and told him it was a great thing he'd done. After a brief awkward silence between the two men Little Wolf cleared his throat and said, "my wife has asked me to talk to you about this, she has noticed an amazing change in the married women of the village. She wants me to find out about your advice, so my friend what can you tell an old dog that might be useful, remembering I am much older than you?" John chose his words carefully as this was the Chief and he was a married to the Chief's youngest daughter. "Before I came to meet the Cheyenne, I had the good fortune to meet a lady who taught me many things a young man needs to learn." He went on to tell the Chief about Meiling and how she'd instructed him in the art of love. Basically he gave the same advice he'd given to everyone else then John sat back and waited for the Chief to say something. Little Wolf smiled to himself and then asked if white women behaved like the lady John had described. "No, they don't Little Wolf, most find it difficult to speak about these matters. I suppose I was very fortunate to meet this woman and I was able to learn in a few months what might normally have taken me a lifetime." The old Chief smiled again and said "so White Wolf why haven't I already learnt these things?" John replied "this I cannot say but the world often works in strange ways, maybe your time of learning hasn't finished!" This comment made the Chief laugh so hard that John also began to laugh. Both men had tears streaming down their faces and Little Wolf finally stopped and said "I hope you are right my son-in-law, I just hope you are right." Then he began giggling away to himself again. John had never seen the chief actually laugh before and from the look of it neither had many of the others in the tribe because quite a few people came over to watch and listen. The Chief got slowly to his feet and called out to his wife to make sure their blankets were ready because he had some things to tell her. He then winked at John and said "White Wolf thank you, we will talk some more about these matters but now I have things to do." As Little Wolf walked over to his tepee, John could still hear him chuckling away to himself.

Before he could get out of the hot water, Smiles-a-lot suddenly appeared with her sister and the two of them climbed into the water. Both girls were grinning to each other as they eased themselves down into the warmth. They wore a simple loincloth but that was all and John couldn't help noticing how similar the two sisters were. Of course his wife's breasts were much fuller as she was still breast feeding their baby but the younger girl now almost 16 had an amazing figure.

Later when John returned to his own tepee, Morning Light asked him about his conversation with her father and why the Chief was laughing so much. All John would say was "you don't want to know my dear, trust me," then he started quietly laughing to himself. "Now come here my wife there are things I have to check just to ensure my advice is correct."

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