Descriptions of Characters In MY Series

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These are just fun facts about the characters in MY series. I'm only including the stories I wrote instead of the ones my little sister wrote.  First, I'm starting with Ashley Green.

Ashley Green

She is the best friend of Korey.

She is co-captain of the cheer leading squad.

She has sea green eyes.

She is very girlie.

Her favorite color is light blue.

To everyone, she is the blond, girlie virgin.

Korey calls her Ane chan which means her own sister.

She's in love with Chad.

She usually wears pink.

She hates the color pink.

She pretends to be whatever other people want her to be.

She is very insecure.

Her little sister is Jazzy.

She got her looks from her Mom.

Her Mom is a model.

Every since she was born, her little sister didn't like her.

She eventually gave up on Jazzy and became cold towards her.

She gets most people to dislike her little sister.

She is the third nicest person in her crew.

She is secretly a............... n***a.

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