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April, 2017, James

Some know me as Ashiga-san, a few as Ashiga James but most only call me James. Most of most will never see me again. They haven't for a good ten years now.

So kiddo, if you just grab that mug just now and get yourself a chair I'll tell you how come I was here waiting for you in the first place. I'll just head over to the door first and hang up the old sign. It's slow going with customers now anyway.

So you see, I know of your kind. Or should I say our kind. Right now I know of seven of us, you included. There's this old geezer who comes here a couple of times a month. Weekdays only so you probably never met him. Anyway, we kind of go way back since he was a teacher at that school of yours before he retired. So he's a local like me. And there's another local way south of here as well, but he never comes here. Same with that camera guy, but that's another story.

Yeah, forgot to say. Used to be that school of mine as well, but that's quite some time back now. Quite some time. You see I'm the only one in a way. It used to be my school when I ought to have been born as well if you get my gist. Before the Internet and all that. Sure as hell before kids were carrying around cells.

So kiddo, how old are you really? 40, 50, 60?

See that makes us of an age then I guess. I just have more experience from this side of things I guess, and you have more memories from the other one. At least they didn't blow themselves up in the ten years since I left.

Now as I was saying. I've been to Himekaizen twice. Gives me a different perspective. Gave me the jitters as well. Starting all over there again more than a decade later and none of the teachers had ever heard of me. I knew them you know. From the other side. Knew what they were like even if they were older this time around, but they didn't know me. Not a single one. That had me for a while. Creepy if you know what I'm after.

I guess you'll get picked up by the bombshell and that arrogant bastard. He's better than he seems. Be careful around him by the way. Think he bites a whole lot worse than he barks. Something scary about that guy, and he's older than any of us.

So is she by the way. They're an item or something like that. Seen them real cute with each other in here. Been a while since though, but I guess it's like that with spring break up and all.

Anyway, that makes three of you. Swedes that is. And you're all real young on this side as well. I tell you you'd better stick to those two. They'll teach you the ropes for sure. And before they do. Stay the hell away from any Red Rose leftovers. Bad place I tell you. Heard some real nasty things about it.

Wanna cake? On the house this time.

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