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Kaname slammed open the door. He noticed the missing stack of invitations on the table, but strangley, Yuki's phone was still there. He then looked on the ground below the window where the shattered glass lay. Kaname realised what had happened, and started to calm down. "Yuki must of spotted you, Ruka." Ruka tried to apologise but Kaname spoke before she could get a word out. "I guess it is hard to keep track of Yuki, i struggle myself. But i thought that you would have kept a closer eye." Ruka lowered her head in discrace. I have displeased Lord Kaname. Now he will never forgive me. Tears seeped from Ruka's eyes, but she didn't look up. "Hanabusa, would you please get this glass cleaned up." Hanabusa bowed and walked upstairs. Kaname took one last look at Ruka then followed Hanabusa. When he was gone, Ruka went up to her room. Hanabusa and Kaname didn't hear from her for the rest of the day.

Yuki walked silently, try to think of how to start the conversation. Luckly, Chiyo knew what to say. "So whats the big even? Birthday?" Yuki laughed. "Acctually, it's my wedding." Chiyo stared surprisingly at Yuki. "Oh wow, your young to be getting married." Yuki looked at the ground. "But if he's right, then it doesn't matter your age i guess. Congratulations." Yuki smiled. "Thank-you." The akward silence filled the air once again until Yuki spoke. "So, do you like anoyone Chiyo?" Chiyo laughed. "Well im acctually new here. I am going to be moving schools soon, because of  some "interferences". " Yuki looked at Chiyo strangly. Interferences? Chiyo winked at Yuki. "Everythings fine though." Yuki realised that Chiyo had noticed her expression and looked to the ground. "What school?" Chiyo was silent for a few seconds, remembering the name. "Cross Academy." Yuki suddenly looked up. "Cross Academy? I used to go there." Yuki thought of all the times at Cross Academy where she'd been with Zero. Chiyo stopped walking. Yuki didn't notice until she realised that no one was next to her. Yuki stopped and looked behind to Chiyo who was reading the words on the first letter. "Rima Touya and Senri Shiki. Where do they live?" She flipped the envelope over to serch for an adress. Yuki smiled. "We arn't sure where they live, but they should be somewhere in the neighbourhood, so i thought i might go asking a few people." Chiyo closed her eyes. Yuki stared at her strangly. "Are you ok?" A few seconds later, Chiyo opened her eyes and looked at Yuki. "They live in a small house not far from here, i can take you there if you'd like." Yuki was astonished at Chiyo's ability. "Yeah, how do you know where they live?" Chiyo winked again. "Its a power iv had scince i was young. Come, its this was." Chiyo turned right and started heading towards a fountain. Yuki followed silently. After a few hours the sun started going down and there was only one invitation left. "Hanabusa Aido" Yuki took the envelope from Chiyo's hands. "He lives with me, i can go and give it to him now. Thank-you again for all your help." Chiyo smiled. "No problem, Yuki." The two girls went their sepperate ways.

Kaname gazed out the window into the setting sun. The door suddenly creeked open and Yuki walked in. Yuki turned to put her jacket on the rack but before she could do so, Kaname put his hands around her. "Yuki, you scared me." Yuki struggled out of Kanames grasp and stood staring at him. "Why can't you trust me, Kaname?" Kaname took a step backwards. "I was only trying to protect you." Yuki turned at finished hanging up her jacket. "I told you i could take care of myself, so i went and handed out the invitations." Yuki walked over to Hanabusa who was straightining up the place. "Hanabusa, lucky last." Hanabusa bowed and took the envelope from Yuki." Kaname stood watching Yuki the whole time. "Kaname, i promise i wont do anything like that again, if you promise me that you can trust me." Kaname didn't speak. Yuki sighed and started up the stairs, only to have her hand grabbed and pulled backwards. "Yuki, i do trust you. Its the other vampires that i dont trust." Yuki turned to Kaname and hugged him. "Im sorry to make you worry, Kaname." Kaname knelt down and kissed Yuki's cheek. "Your very precious to me, Yuki. I dont want to loose you, so that is why i am so protective of you." Yuki smiled and started back up the stairs.

Headmaster Cross sat quietly in his office, reading through some papers when a student from the day class walked in. "Headmaster, you have some letters this evening." The headmaster thanked the girl and asked her to put them on his desk. He put his papers to one side and started flipping through them until he came across the invitation. "Oh, i have a letter from Yuki!" He tore it open and started reading it out loud. "Dear Kaien Cross. I am pleased to inform you that Lord Kaname and Lady Yuki have announced their engagement. Their wedding is to be held this wednessday and they would like to know if you'd like to join them as a guest. Please inform us on your decision." Headmaster started to cry. "Oh my Yuki! All grown up!" Zero stood at the door watching the headmaster. Zero brang a hand up to his face. "Oh Zero! Did you hear the news? Yukis getting married!" He started crying again. Zero stood emotionless. "Zero, aren't you going to come to her wedding?" The headmaster dryed his eyes with his sleves. "I wouldn't go if you paid me to, and besides, i didn't get an invite anyway." Zero walked off leaving the headmaster in shock/. "Zero wait! Why wouldn't you come?" The headmaster went to chase after Zero, but he was gone by the tim the headmaster was at the door. The headmaster went and sat back down at his desk reading through the other letters. "Oh! We have a new student joining the Night class. Chiyo. Thats strange, theres no last name?" The headmaster read through her profile. "Chiyo is a 17 year old girl. She was turned to a vampire not to long ago, and had to leave her normal school." The headmaster kept reading until he was satisfied with the student. He stamped the paper to approve it and slid it into his papers. "Chiyo will start on Monday, i will inform Zero and Chiyo's parents tonight."

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