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*ring ring ring*
"Hello?" I heard my mother's voice.

"...Ma, please " I cried softly , I last spoke to her a month or so back, it felt good to hear her.

"Delilah... no, you know I can't do anything. Your dad won't have you back" She spoke with sadness evident in her voice .

"It was never my fault , I dont deserve this , please ma where will I go?" I begged , literally begged.

".. You should've tried del, you should've compromised, your dad still thinks it's your fault that Andrew left you and I can't make him think otherwise" I could hear her crying .

"You think I didn't try? I tried, okay?! I knew he had an affair but I still didn't say anything! I compromised , I was okay with him having someone else in his life other than me. It was him who wanted a divorce ma , not me!" I screamed which made people around me stop and stare like I was some psychopath which I don't mind cause literally who screams about their personal life in a park full of people? Yeah me.

"Enough! You must've done something to make him want to get rid of you, tell me honestly del, did you tell him about.." she said suspiciously and clearly angry.

"No. I didn't. " but I'm sure he figured it out that my heart already belongs to someone else .

"Your dad's here, don't call again" and just like that she left , like everyone else in my life.

I stood up and started to walk around town with tears streaming down my face, where else could I go? What else could I do? I had no one , I knew no one in this foreign city other than Andrew who had left me.

I cursed my luck, all my life I've seen people walk out on me. First my best friend, then Andrew and now my own family.

As soon as my father heard that Andrew gave me a divorce, he assumed all by himself that I was the culprit for everything and disowned me, I can't even believe that my own family walked out on me when I needed them the most.

I don't even remember why I married Andrew in the first place , maybe because my parents pressured me or maybe simply because I thought I'd move on, I thought I'd get over him ..

I came across a girls hostel and thought I finally found myself a place for the night.

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