The Four Dragons

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I sat in a tree branch and watched as
Ik-su sat at the edge of a water fall. Yona coming up behind him "Priest.." She asked. Ik-su turned his head toward her and tears ran down his face. "What's wrong?" Yona asked as she bent down beside him. Ik-su quickly wiped his tears away with his sleeve.

"I was dreaming about you... A dream about you and this world. Princess Yona, would you like to hear the voice of God?" Ik-su said looking out into the water fall, Yona stands up. "Mun-deok told me to have the priest show me my path. Is a path something that must be shone to you? I though I was supposed to sit still, not doing anything. But after getting chased, Hak nearly getting killed, and nearly dying myself, my blood is so hot it's practically boiling. I can walk on my own two legs. I want to live. I won't let anyone take my life or Hak's! That is my only wish. I have nothing to ask God." Fierce determination burned in Yona's eyes.

She might not of had anything to ask God but I did like why did he leave me all alone? Why did he let the thugs kill father? Why was I alive? Ik-su didn't turn to face Yona as he spoke. "No... For you, living doesn't mean spending your days in ordinary peace.

Your life will create a storm that will shake the kingdom of Kouka." Yona stares at him as Yun and Hak come toward them. I hold back a happy gasp as I see Hak moving looking alive and pretty well. "Priest...." Yona murmured but Ik-su continued on. "If you wish to live a simply honest life, and cannot stop the hot blood in your veins, I will convey the voice of God to you.

When darkness falls upon the land, the dragons blood will restore life once more. In accordance with the ancient pack when the four dragons are gathered, the sword and shield that protect the king will awaken. The red dragon will return at dawn." I stared at Ik-su in wonder, then he fell over weakly.

"Conveying God's voice requires spiritual strength..... " Ik-su explains tiredly. Yun walks over to him and begins to poke him. "Quit acting so old, you pain!" Yun protested I leaned forward to see better and reached for the nearest branch but my hand missed it, my attention really only focused on seeing, not what I was doing and I fell to the ground with a load thump.

"May!" Yona said surprised running over to me and helping me up. I groan and then realizing what I had done shoot up and try to run for it but Hak catches me and holds me by the collar of my dress witch thankfully I was wearing a pair of pants under. Hak lowered his face to mine and looked at me with narrow eyes.

"Who are you?" He questioned. I fold my arms "May..." I answer angrily. Yona walks over to us and plucks me out of Hak's grasp and carries me gently, I was exhausted believe it or not tree's weren't the most comfortable beds and I couldn't help but let my eyelids slowly shut.

But I stopped myself and had Yona put me down. "I don't know what this business is about dragons or gods but I'm not buying anything this crackpot is selling!" Hak says staring at Ik-su with suspicious eyes. Yun and Yona look at him confused.

"He's not selling anything." the say in union. I shake my head in disbelief. "Does the "red dragon" in the prophecy mean the mythological king?" Yona asks as Yun begins to swipe the dust off Ik-su's robe. "You are familiar with the kingdoms creation myth?" Asks Ik-su surprised.

I blink "The kingdom.... has a creation myth.....?" I mumble. "Yes." Yona said answering Ik-su and ignoring me. "The red dragon god took on human form, descending from heaven to rule a kingdom on earth. He was the first king of Kouka, King Hiryuu. My father used to tell me about him all the time." Ik-su looks up at Yona.

"But when King Hiryuu became human..... He eventually had to fight humans. The peoples hearts filled with evil, forgot their god, and their country fell to ruin. Even king Hiryuu was captured by humans who desired power. Just when everything seamed on the brick of distraction, four dragons descended from heaven.

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