Chapter 1: Hello Mr Professor

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          Beginning the fall semester of her Senior year at the University of Iowa, there has been talk since last semester about a new teacher. Leighton and Eva are walking through campus to where their class is being held. Walking into the small room, the girls sit down together towards the front. Since the class doesn't begin for another ten minutes, the girls take it upon themselves and chat.

          "I'm excited for this class. Not so sure about the new teacher though," Leighton exclaims.

          "Yeah same here, nobody knows his teaching style," says Eva.

          A few minutes later they see a man enter the lecture hall and make his way to the computer stand as he pulls out his laptop, flash drive, lesson plan, notebook, and his glasses, sliding them on. The room gets quiet as he turns on his laptop and the class computer before hooking up his PowerPoint as it then shines on the projector screen.

          After writing his name on the whiteboard, he turns and faces the class. "Good morning class and welcome to Lifecycles and Sports Nutrition. I am Sam Dawson, and I'll be your professor for the semester."

          "He's hot," Leighton hears Eva whisper into her ear, as Sam starts going over what to expect in class and a few class rules.

          "Yeah definitely," Leighton says back to Eva, taking notes as the professor goes right into the lecture.

          After class, Leighton hurries and packs her stuff since she has to go home and get ready for her long shift at Texas Roadhouse. It's just another night at work, getting hit on by men she finds repulsive, a few like-able families.

          Finally clocking out at around 11:35 pm she pulls her phone out of her pocket.

          "Drinks at 2 Dogs Pub?" Eva texts her.

          Reluctantly, she agrees, making her way to the bar. She pulls up a few minutes later and walks in through the front door. Finding her friends at the bar as she smiles when they say her name in unison. She slides up on a barstool greeting them, still in her work uniform, jeans, a black t-shirt with the logo on it and a Nike zip-up hoodie.

          "Hey," Leighton smiles as she slides up on a barstool.

          "Hey, how was work?" Eva asks sipping her beer.

          "Same old same old," Leighton answers ordering a new beer herself, definitely needing one.

          While the girls are talking, the conversation interrupted by a man's voice. "Here you go ladies," says the bartender, wearing jeans, denim long sleeve shirt and a belt.

          "Professor Dawson?" Leighton asks after taking a long pull of her beer.

          "Oh, right you were in my class today weren't you? What was your name again?" he asks, leaning against the bar.

          Looking from Eva and back to Sam, "Um it's Leighton. Leighton Mitchell," she answers putting her hand out in front of her.

          Shaking both Eva and Leighton's hand, "It's nice to meet you both, but Sam is fine."

          "You sure?" Leighton asks, setting her half-empty glass down.

          "Of course, how's the beer?" Sam asks, pushing off the bar.

          "It's good, I might need another one in like .2 seconds," Leighton smiles taking another long pull.

          "I didn't think the class was that bad today," Sam laughs a little, watching her down the rest of the beer.

          "It's been one of those days," Leighton smiles watching Sam make a drink for another patron.

          "Yeah I gotcha," setting her down a shot glass in front of her, smiling.

          "You better not be charging me for this," Leighton smiles, pointing at the full shot glass. "What's in there?"

          "Just take it," Sam laughs.

          After giving him a look, she smiles picking up the shot glass. After examining it, she throws it back and slapping it back on the bar.

          "Shit," she mutters a little.

          "There was some tequila in there, a few other things," Sam laughs.

          "That was rough," Leighton says sliding the glass back over to Sam, taking a sip of her beer.

          "Shots usually are," Sam laughs. 

          It's around one in the morning. Sam gets home, "hey I'm home," he says the dog running to greet him.

          "I'm in here babe," Sam hears his wife from the kitchen.

          Setting his stuff down, checking out his wife before kissing her, "how are you doing?"

          "I'm good. How was work?" she asks wrapping her arms around his torso.

          Nodding his head, "Work was good, busy as usual."

          "Yeah, I bet. I know it's like 1:30 in the morning but are you hungry?" she laughs.

          "No, not really, I ate a bit while I was at work. Why are you?"

          "I wasn't talking about food," she says biting her bottom lip and unbuttoning his shirt.

          "Oh really?" Sam smiles.

          "Yeah come on," pulling Sam upstairs.

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