Sick- Bucky Barnes

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You had curled yourself up in a ball on the couch. Blankets wrapped around you, tissues thrown on the coffee table. You hated to admit it, but you were sick. Your nose was stuffed and your throat dry and sore, and all you could do was watch the snow slowly fall outside your window. It was peaceful, which made being sick more enjoyable. Although there still was that child inside you that wanted nothing more than to run out in the snow for hours.

Suddenly, you heard the front door open. Did I leave that open? I could have sworn I locked it you thought as you glanced towards the door. Then you smiled. A metal arm glinted in the lamp light beside you, holding a thermos that you assumed was soup.

"Hey, how are you doing?" Bucky asked sweetly, sitting beside you.

"What are you doing here? How, how did you even get here through the snow?" your voice was hoarse from endless coughing. He opened the thermos and let steam escape from the top. Just the sight of it was enough to make your stomach growl.

"Well I am The Winter Soldier," Bucky smiled, his icy blue eyes making you feel surprisingly warm. "I didn't want you to be alone while you were sick. And I come bearing soup," he gestured to the thermos. You smiled back at him and sat up a little more. You spooned some soup up to your mouth, and Bucky just sat back and smiled at you.

"What?" you grinned, brushing a drip of soup off your chin.

"Nothing, nothing it's just... I love you so much." Bucky said it with such confidence it surprised you. He'd never said that to you before and you almost spit out your soup.

"You what?" you asked through a cough, but couldn't stop yourself from smiling.

"I love you," he repeated, not looking away from your eyes. Your smile widened, and he leaned into you. You knew what he was doing, and leaned back.

"I don't want to get you sick," you grin, your nose nudging his.

"You won't, trust me," he chuckles, "I love you, and I going to kiss you." He kept his word, and closed the space between you two. Your lips tingled with sparks, and so did his. Pulling away, a smile was still painted on your face, and now his.

"Eh, I guess I like you," you joked, his reaction was hilarious. A look of hurt splashed across his gorgeous features before a loving smile.

"Shut up," he laughed, setting the thermos on the coffee table.

"You know I love you too," you grinned, snuggling yourself back underneath the several blankets surrounding you.

"Alright babe, let's get you to bed." An endearing smile was etched onto his face as he stood up. He offered a hand to you, but you groaned. You were too comfortable to move, and the mountain of blankets around you was perfectly set up for maximum enjoyment, enveloping every part of you except your eyes. "Come on, you'll be more comfortable up there," he tried to convince you, subtly giving you his best puppy dog eyes. "Don't do this the hard way, Y/N," he added, a twinge of mischief in his eye.

"Fight me," you mumbled from underneath the blankets, making Bucky chuckle.

"Alright Rocky, as intimidating as that is, I don't wanna start a fight I can't win," he joked, "I guess we're doing this the hard way." Suddenly, Bucky hooked his arms underneath your legs and back, carrying you and all your blankets to your room.

"I still think I could take you." Your words were muffled by layers of fabric as he laid you down. He chuckled again, kicking off his shoes and laying beside you.

"I know you could, babe," he sighed happily, pulling you into his arms to kiss your forehead.

"I love you Buck," you hummed in reply, nestling into his chest.


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