Chapter 15 ~ Hi Baby!

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Chrissy POV:

"As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, Sam better back off Emily before I drop kick his ass" The words came out of my mouth before I could stop them

"Chrissy? What did you say?" Paul asked let's see by pretending to be a lesbian will make them lose hope which will cause them to lose hope on a future us and bam no fighting or phasing and hurting Embry!

"What Emily's hot?" I stated

"What'd you, I mean, we kissed" Jake said

"I didn't want to hurt your ego" Damn I'm on fire! This is why I always improvise!

"You're a lesbian?!" Paul shouted I quickly shushed him, just because they know doesn't mean the whole school could know!

"Yeah I thought you knew?" I played off after my shush.

"No!" They all said at the same time. I shrugged. Of course they didn't know, I'm not a lesbian but they can't know that until they phase. I glanced at Mr. Cortez to see him nodding in approval at my plan, of course he knows I'm not a lesbian, he would be the first to know. He's my favorite teacher who I just found out is my uncle that my grandma sent to watch me. Her and my dad don't really like each other too well, I guess that's understandable. Maybe he will quit harassing the boys like he has all week. I looked up and he shook his head. Damn it! Spare my babies!

"You did what!" Sam yelled while Emily looked at me with her eyes widened. I flinched

"I told them I was dating Emily" I mumbled
"I heard what you said but why?!"

"Because they were getting ready to fight I couldn't just sit there and let them unleash their inner wolfs and hurt a human! Great now I'm sounding just like you!" I said exasperated

"I mean maybe its not a bad idea, your job is to protect humans and four horny wolf boys and a horny human fighting over the same girl probably won't end well, who knows a lot of people could be hurt if we don't do this." Emily said. I smiled and looked at Sam expectantly. He looked unsure still

"Fine. But no kissing on the lips and no sex!" He stated

"Oh come on Sam imagine your imprint and a girl going at it isn't that shit supposed to be hot to guys?" I teased him he looked as if he was thinking about it and then shifted awkwardly in his seat. I smirked "there its settled, hi baby!" I said putting my arm around Emily, she chuckled. I took a deep breath through my nose and smelt him, he's horny! He actually thought about it and he's, oh my gosh. That perve!

I stood in front of the mirror looking at my white dress, I can't believe I'm getting married! To who? I'm not sure. But still I feel like jumping up and down I look so beautiful. My shoes are amazing and my hair, ahhhh!

"Its time! Mrs. Cortez please come with me, and Mr. Hernandez get ready to walk down the aisle." Said a very peppy feminine voice I turned around to come face to face to non other than Alice Cullen.

"Ready?" My dad asked

"Yes, just don't let me fall Dad."

"Never." The music began and we started walking, coming around the corner I could see The Clearwater's all smiling except Harry wasn't there. Hm. As I looked around for some type of hint of who I'm gonna marry I saw Sam sitting with Embry, Jacob, Quil, Paul, and Jared then who am I? I looked forward to see Edward Cullen I gasped. What? For some reason I wanted to run to him and kiss him, I couldn't wait for our honeymoon because that would be the first time that we actually do anything, he's always been too scared that he'll hurt me and kill me with his venom.

After the ceremony we had dinner and speeches. First up, was my Dad.

"I've always been hard on my baby girl, I always wanted her to be with someone who could take care of her completely, someone with money that way she would never have to worry. I can't believe I gave her away, she's always been my oldest troublemaking diva that used to run around and sing at the top of her lungs to NSYNC. I love you Christian Marie Hernandez Cortez. I'm proud of you and Edward just so we're clear I know how to use a gun and I have one." The whole crowd erupted into applause before my mother went up, after my mother was Paul.

"I can't believe it, it seems like just yesterday we hung out and had our moments with you being clumsy. Like that day on the beach," by now he looked angry "I mean I still can't believe it, you chose him over me, have you seen this face?" AWKWARD. Quil was next

"Wow, I can't believe your married, can't believe it at all! I mean I always thought you would marry someone with curly hair or that's incredibly funny. Well I guess Edwards face is kinda funny so you could laugh at it everyday you wake up. Just kidding" I spit out my wine, he's right why am I married to him? Maybe because ever since I phased, my period hasn't came at all, so I probably can't have kids, and he can't concieve kids maybe that's why so I don't disappoint anyone.

I was sitting on the chair next thing I know I'm on the ground. I jumped up and looked around I'm still at Emily's, her and Sam sat there staring at me questionably, I looked down I'm still wearing my clothes. Phew! I didn't marry a Cullen!

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