Chapter 22

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Heather's POV

I just finished putting Cloud away, and the bell rang for the afternoon lesson. I went to the indoor arena for the lesson. Today, Mel said we were watching Fiona's vet check up so the campers can learn about what happens when the vet comes. We will watch Fiona's appointment and then some of the other horses are getting check ups so they can see what a regular check up is like. I think it will be fun.

When I got into the arena, Julie was holding Fiona and Mel was petting her neck. "How's Fiona?" I asked.

"She's doing good, last time the vet said her pregnancy is going smooth, so hopefully it will be going well again," Julie said.

"Yeah, I think Fiona will be fine since she's eating and is behaving like she usually does," Mel added.

"That's good, this would NOT be the time to have a complication," I said. At that we all nodded. We all knew that a complication could result in an injury to the mare or foal, and they can be expensive to help. It's stressful enough having a pregnant horse and be running a five week horse camp. It would be complete chaos around here of something like that happened.

"Hi ladies, how are you?" Dr. Judy asked. We all said we were good, and how was she. She said she was great, and once the small talk was over, we talked about the important things. Fiona and her foal.

By then, all of Group 1 was watching. About an hour later, Fiona was being led back to her stall, and everything was going just as it should be. Except for one, minor, detail: she's having twins.

When Mrs. Jones heard the news, she was open to the idea, but I could tell more stress was added to her.

So, to take some of the stress off of her shoulders, I said to her,"Um, I've been thinking about maybe coming over more often and volunteering with chores and other things after camp and during the school year, if it's alright with you."

"I would love that Heather," she said, and smiled at me. I smiled back and then went back to help out with the rest of the lesson.

An hour later, after helping Mel and Julie explain what was going on during Spirit's check up, the afternoon lesson was over and all of the campers and helpers (me, Mel, Julie, Katie) and we started on our art project. Mrs. Jones set out a full bin of old horseshoes, and we each grabbed one. Next, we painted them and decorated them with beads and stuff. Mine was Sky Blue with little tiny puffy clouds on it, and on the bottom of it I painted CLOUD in white paint. Mel's was purple with sparkle spray on it, and at the bottom was Cowboy painted in gold. Julie's was orange, blue, and purple stripes with Geronimo on it in dark blue. Katie's was copper with Zee painted on the bottom in metallic gold.

The campers also had really cute frames too. Liv's was black and on it it said Liv + Tye in little bead letters. It was simple, but still really cute. I also liked Cadee's. Her's was painted metallic silver, and in metallic gold she painted ~Knight~. Anna's was cute too! It was baby pink with cute fairy stickers on it and she painted Fairy in light purple in a curly font.

When everyone was finished, Mrs. Jones said,"Tomorrow we will be having a 'photo shoot' with you and your horses, and I will also be taking lots of pictures for the website and brochure for next year. I will get the photos printed out on nice paper and then give them to you all so you can put that in your frame. I also have one more announcement: on Saturday, me and my good friend, also Heather's mom, will be taking you and your horses out to a special park where there are lots of trails for horse back riders to go on, and we will be camping out there for one night. You can all call your parents to bring anything you need for the trip, but you should have everything if you brought what was on the listed what to pack for camp. I hope you are all excited, and you can all get washed up for dinner."

Mel and I walked to the bunkhouse together, and we talked about the trail ride. "I can't wait! I don't know who I'll take though," Mel said.

"I know Cloud will love it," I said.

We got to the bunkhouse and washed our hands so there wasn't any paint on them, and we changed clothes. I put on my pair of softest jeans, an old worn out t shirt, and a cozy sweatshirt over it. Once everybody was ready for dinner, we headed back out to first feed the horses.

I mixed Cloud's grain and poured it into her bucket. While she munched on her grain, I filled her hay net with fresh hay, and topped off her water bucket. One she was all ready for the night, I told her the good news.

"Guess what girl?" I asked her. She lifted her head from her purple bucket and looked at me. "We are going on an overnight trail ride on Saturday! It's gonna be great, Cloud," I said. She bobbed her head and then went back to her grain. I laughed. Cloud loves her food.

I helped feed some of the other rescues, but it felt easy with all of the campers caring for both of their horses. It was cool to watch everybody so comfortable with their horses. This really is a cool camp.


After a great dinner, games, and a movie, I got ready for bed and got into the cot next to Mel. All of the girls stayed up and talked a bit, but at 10:30, all lights were out, and I fell asleep peacefully.

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