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All six stories in this collection were written as part of CupidsCorner's Third Romance Smackdown, Twisted Romance. They were written in response to various prompts, including pictures, phrases, and genres. The last story in the collection is called "Climax" (rather appropriately I thought).

All five couples from the preceding five stories must feature in this final entry, so it would probably be a good idea to read them before tackling this one (if you haven't already).

Author's Note June 2017. Edited versions of Alien Love Story, Jorogumo (Love Spider) and Time Lab Inc (as well as 3 other stories) now appear in my published book "TimeLabs Inc," available from Amazon and other ebook stores.

Cover is by  Dragonious   

1. TimeLab Inc (7 parts) - Sam and Zak take a Time Tour for their honeymoon, visiting some of the events through time which have captured their interest, including the very first Olympics. A five-star time machine for transport, luxury meals, fine wines - what could go wrong?

2. Alien Love Story (3 parts) - Kel meets his first alien and falls in love with her. Except...

3. Love Spider - Jorogumo (4 parts) - Evan and Joey find themselves in a whole new world where mythical creatures are as real as they are.

4. Fiddler's Green (4 parts) - Cal finds a new love - the last thing he expects is to be on the run from the police the very next day.

5. A letter from You (2 parts) - Ken has been fighting the war in France for over a year and Will finds waiting at home alone, much harder than he had ever thought.

6. Climax (final entry) - all five couples are invited to attend the inaugural Cupid Award ceremony, hosted by the world famous Mr Angus Ecrivain. But will the ceremony proceed quite as Angus intended?

7. Play-off - (final, final entry, lol) - an alternate reality story about a well-known couple.  In my case, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.

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