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(Y/n) P.O.V

As I was walking back to my guild, I was all alone. It was a cold breezy night, and noticing I was walking near an old abandon horse stable.

I stopped in my tracks and turned around, I felt someone or something staring at me. As I turned around I saw a llama staring right at me. As I looked at it more, I noticed it wasn't an ordinary llama, It had red piercing eyes and black midnight fur. As I was walking towards it, something touched my hand. I yelped and noticed it was sting.

"Sting!!!! Don't scare me like that!!"

He grins and says,

"What are doing out here?"

I smiled and turned to see the llama, but I didn't see it. I gasped and sting said,

"What's wrong?- wait please don't tell me you just saw a....a...LLAMA!!"

My eyes widened and said


He growls and says


I stepped back and said,

"Why?! It looked nice!!"

Sting grabs me I noticed I heard hooves galloping behind me, then fur and warm breath nuzzled on my neck. Then saliva went down my neck, then I heard someone say,

"I'll be back."

(A/n): See what I tell ya! 😂 It's so weird and me and my friend are weird! But we'll make the story serious and funny at the same time. We decided to make this because it would be fun to write and we wanted to share our weirdness with you! Well I hope you liked it!

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