Chapter 14 ~Wait What!?

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Quil POV:

I felt something hard hit my head, a Cookie! I turned to glare at the culprit to see the one and only Paul Lahote, oh whatever he's competition. I grabbed some spaghetti off Embry's plate and aimed for his head, but I found myself dumbfounded as the noodles and sauce flew in the opposite direction nailing Jared Cameron in the face! He glared wiping everything off of his face. Before picking up some food in the air only to stop, hearing Chrissy's beautiful laughter. She laughed and laughed before letting out a small snort and laughing harder. Okay I'm gonna make sure that every time I'm with her I'm gonna make her laugh.

"You think that's funny?" Jared asked she nodded struggling to catch her breath. He grabbed her hamburger and threw it in my direction, I karate chopped it to the side where it hit Embry's cheek.

"My Hamburger!" She wined before getting up and running toward Embry pouting "please tell me its alright" she pleaded. He lifted up his hand holding the hamburger, even though it flew across the air and ran straight into his cheek leaking some ketchup on his face it looked like it was just made. She let out a happy sound before sitting in between Embry and I. She pointed behind her, at Paul.

"Bad Paul! My poor hamburger"
"Bad Three Musketeers!"
"Bad Jared!" She sat quietly eating her hamburger looking around until her gaze stopped on Mr. Cortez who didn't look happy that she was sitting with us. She gulped

"Disgusting Mutts" he muttered in that Spanish accent he has. How I heard it I'm not sure, but I know Chrissy heard it by the way her head jerked up to glare at him.

"There aren't any dogs around here" Jacob said so he heard it too! Chrissy choked chuckling

"He didn't say that, he said disgusting girl who eats like a mutt." She explained

"But he only said disgusting mutt" Lahote said sitting in front of her

"Um, no he, uh" she started

"As much as I hate to agree with this doofus, he did say that" Jared said sitting next to Paul. Chrissy held her hamburger close muttering something in Spanish. "I'm not gonna touch your precious hamburger" he stated

"He said it in Spanish, everything's less words or faster in Spanish" she explained Jake and I looked at Embry, he shook his head.

"He didn't say anything in Spanish and he didn't say what you said he said. He said and I quote disgusting mutts"

"Who are you and what have you done with Embry?" She glared at him

"I am Embry" he stated

"Prove it! The Embry I know doesn't have cat like reflexes" she giggled when she said cat.

"Um, you like to cuddle in the mornings and you sleep in your underwear" wait what how does he know this.

"Okay fine, you're Embry"

"Whoa wait! How does he know you, and cuddling, and what, how?" Jake asked

"She showed up at my window Saturday night drunk, and saying some nonsense about her parents killing her if they find out she drank, who even gave you alcohol?" He explained

"Emily Young, yeah she's pretty cool," she said shrugging

"Oh yeah, who's that? You went to go talk to her that day on the beach" Paul asked what day, what why? I wrapped my arm over her shoulders I feel like I haven't hung with her in forever.

"Leah Clearwater's cousin"


"Is she hot?"

"Why was she with Sam then? I mean didn't Leah and Sam break up?"

"Well yeah they broke up because he liked her more than Leah so he was asking her out so" she said them her eyes widened along with ours, her hands flew over her mouth. "Sam is going to kill me! I mean how could he trust me with this secret? I already annoy him enough. Great that means another fight between us, well I won the last one."

"Wait you two fought? But he's like a giant now?" I asked

"What? No! I mean yes. But it wasn't like that, Sam and I, we're like, Batman and Robin, Ariel and Flounder, Shanelle and Galleria, Aqua and Dorinda, or like a pack" she smiled sweetly "we're always fighting like that time I accidentally saw him naked, yuck! That was disgusting!" She rambled on

"You saw him naked!" Jake asked

"Once upon a time, yes"

"Wow you are worse than Paul"

"Am not"

"Are too"


"You really want to do this again Chrissy? I beat you the last time" Embry said

"First, you saw Embry shirtless possibly naked, in boxers, now Sam. Who else?" I asked

"Paul" she said we all looked at him

"It's true"

"As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, Sam better back off Emily before I drop kick his ass" she said we all looked at her

"Chrissy? What did you say?" Paul asked

"What Emily is hot?" My mouth dropped open

"What'd you, I mean, we kissed and, what?"  Jake asked

"Well I didn't want to hurt your ego" she stated

"You're a lesbian!?" Paul shouted she shushed him

"Yeah I thought you knew?"

"No!" We all said at the same time. Great she's into girls, and my mom said that she was the one for me.

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