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( chapter twenty-three. )

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  ANDREA TELEPORTED FROM THE scene and onto her assigned heli-carrier. She ran across the grating leading to the place where the Insight targeting chips were and worked fast to open the tray. When it slid down to reveal itself, the female plucked a random microchip from inside, replacing it quickly with the one given to her.

  "Bravo-locked." She spoke into her wrist before teleporting back to where she'd left Steve. The female knew he'd be gone before she'd arrived, but followed the direction he'd last went and came to find him running towards the edge of the platform. The brunette sighed, pausing to shake her head.

  So much for not doing anything stupid, she thought to herself.

  Behind him were agents, readying an enhanced rocket launcher at his seemingly unaware back. The Jones woman teleported fast, kicking at the weapon just as the explosive device was launched. Andrea dove then as guns were fired, but refused to run as she landed in a crouch.

  The female felt her eyes spark blue and energy overcame her arms as she reached out with her telekinetic powers. In an explosion of her own, the men were sent flying back before Andy followed after Steve, who dove over the edge of the platform and began free-falling towards the ground.

  "I've got him!" She called out to Sam as she enveloped Steve in her arms and teleported the pair back to safety. She'd originally aimed for them to land closer to his assigned heli-carrier, but felt her head explode in pain before they landed back on another platform. Andy collapsed to her knees, clutching her head as the ache faded fast.

  Her abilities were sparking on and off again, reaching the cusp of what little power Andrea had left. Steve reached out to help her, but the female waved him off as Sam landed next to them. "I'm fine." She breathed out before forcing herself to stand on shaking legs.

  However, despite her insistence, they all knew that the Jones woman was far from alright. Andy closed her eyes, pushing back the energy forcing itself to heal any damage she'd endured. After a small moment, the spark of dying energy stopped and she breathed a sigh of relief.

  The exhaustion she felt faded, replaced with a pain she hadn't known she'd been feeling. But, she could breathe again and that was good enough for her. Steve gave her an inquiring look as she finally met his eyes. "I'm good." She nodded and nothing more was said as the group resumed their path once more.

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